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Divination is the practice of gaining hidden knowledge by connecting to the Divine. For centuries, signs have been interpreted, bones have been thrown, and the heavens have been analyzed – all in hopes of learning what would otherwise remain unknown… including what the future holds. If you’d like to try your hand at getting some questions answered, or predicting the future, chances are good you have what you need lying around the house.

The easiest forms of do-it-yourself divination to master are ones that come in handy for “either/or” or “yes/no” questions. As you read on, you may actually laugh when you realize you have been divining for years!

Toss it
The first (and most obvious!) divination tool involves flipping a coin. Sure, coin tossing can be seen as a game of odds and statistics… but put a little personal energy behind it and those numbers can become easily skewed! Just take a moment to calm and quiet your mind then “charge” the coin with your energy and intention. Choose which side is yes and which is no, and “tell” it to the coin while holding it in your hand. When you feel that the metal has become something more – as if it understands its purpose – give it a toss and see how it lands!

Not just a game
For those of you who are looking for a more technologically based tool, you’re looking at it. Yes, the computer. It’s amazing how accurate a game (or two out of three) of Solitaire can be. Most people go with winning is “yes” and losing is “no.” Just remember to take a moment to put the energy out there before you deal the cards. You’re not just playing to win, you’re playing for answers.

Answers in motion
If you are serious about having a “yes/no” tool, and haven’t already procured a pendulum from the store, there’s no need to reach into your wallet to invest in one. You just need to look in your jewelry box or junk drawer. A heavier pendant on a flexible chain, an old key tied to a length of ribbon or string, any object of comfortable weight attached to a flexible medium will work well. Ideally, the weighted part of your make-shift pendulum will dangle six to eight inches from your hand.

Here’s how it works: Grasp the chain, string or ribbon firmly between your thumb, index, and middle fingers. You may want to rest your elbow or arm on a solid surface for stability. Calm your mind, and focus on the item you hold – charge it with your intent of its purpose. When you feel ready, ask your pendulum to “show” you yes. Sometimes a pendulum will respond quickly, other times patience may be required. Take note of the direction in which the pendulum moves – clockwise, counter-clockwise, back-and-forth, or side to side. Repeat this process to find out the direction for no. Do this with every pendulum you use, because sometimes the response directions change!

While primarily a “yes/no” tool, divining with a pendulum has a plethora of uses. You can use a pendulum over lists, charts, graphs and maps. Working with pendulums is fun, and essentially easy, but it does take practice. Unlike other “yes/no” methods, it is possible to influence your pendulum’s swing, so be careful to keep a steady hand and a calm yet open mind.

It is written
If you’re looking for more abstract guidance, something quick for the conscious mind to ponder, pick up a book. For more than 3,000 years a technique called “stichomancy” has been an accepted form of divination. It goes like this: select a book, (any book will do) and take a moment to ponder your questions or concerns. Open the book at random, and randomly select a passage. It’s often eerie how two random actions can tie in perfectly with your situation. If your book of choice happens to be the Bible – this form of divination is called “Bibliomancy.”

Having a ball
I always laugh when clients jokingly tell me to look into my crystal ball, mainly because it’s sitting on my desk right alongside my candles and various decks of Tarot cards. And, yes, I do on occasion, use it while working on the California Psychic’s phone line. Crystal and even glass balls are expensive, but there is more than one way to gaze into the future. Any pot, bowl, or empty gallon of paint will work. If it can hold water and is lined in silver or dark color, (black is best) you have what you need for a homemade crystal ball!

This is called “scrying” and it takes hard work and a lot of practice to master. Have you ever seen those pictures that look like a bunch of dots until you unfocus your eyes, and then some 3-D image or scene is jumping out at you? That’s a pretty simplified description of how to scry.

Scrying is the art of seeing “through” what you are looking at, and into what lies ahead. Scrying isn’t limited to crystal balls or gazing pools – almost any reflective surface, flame, or even a cloud of smoke will do. The real key is the discipline of your mind. Gaze at your chosen object, allow yourself to relax into a more meditative state, and allow your eyes to become unfocused at will. The hard part is not fighting to bring things back into proper focus and allowing your mind to receive what is being shown to you. When you actually begin to lose sight of what once held your stare, you are well on your way to seeing “through,” from this moment and into the next.

No matter what technique you use to divine answers in your life, all of them only support your true divination tool – intuition! Because deep down, we all have the answers within us. We simply need to learn to access the messages and hear them loud and clear. Good luck!

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  1. Meagan

    I have tried every one of these methods and nothing seems to be working for me! I feel so stuck and frustrated!! But other than my own issues… I LOVED this article!! You explained everything soooo well! Thanks so much! 🙂

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