Christian Psychics

According to a number of Christians, there appears to be a conflict between Christianity and psychic talent. But there are many others who do not feel this way, taking a positive view of such fortunate ‘gifts.’

Any structured religion has its own guidelines and expectations, with personal interpretations that tend to vary based on the individual. When it comes to Christianity and psychic living, there are several interpretations. The Bible is chock-full of quotes, lessons and parables used to defend a personal stance on a particular subject, they’re not solely meant to be taken literally.

Mixed messages
As you might expect, given the vast scope of the Bible, there’s an opposing argument, which views psychics and related phenomena in an entirely different, and positive, light. This argument refers to the many followers of Jesus, who readily admitted to being prophets with psychic sight. Prophets, too, delivered heavenly messages and predicted future events. The Bible actually references God using spiritual messengers (such as angel visitations), as well as having fortuitous visions and dreams. With this information, the argument regarding psychic talent as evil might be reduced to questions about how the “gift” is used. If a psychics use their gifts in ways that harm someone, they are acting from an evil source — if they use it to aid others, then it can be viewed as a gift from God.

It’s All About Interpretation
There’s a direct reference in the Bible where humankind is warned that those who consult psychics anger God (Chronicles 33:6), once more inferring the presence of evil. In the Old Testament, psychics were threatened with death as punishment for their beliefs and behavior. If we search for the reason behind this violent and adverse reaction to psychic talent, we find that the matter is once again open to interpretation. Perhaps if a psychic does not believe in the Bible and does not live his or her life according to its beliefs (and can therefore be persuaded by Evil), he or she could do much harm. It is also possible that this negative response to psychics is based upon misinterpretation and a fear of the unknown, which was understandably more prevalent many centuries ago, but less appropriate in our more enlightened modern society.

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