Celtic Psychics Impart Wisdom

We are blessed to have psychics from all walks of life and a wide variety of different backgrounds, but come St. Paddy’s day, we especially celebrate the wisdom of our psychics with Irish heritage.

Tatiana ext. 5189 also inherited her abilities from her Irish ancestors, and her father, who was a Medium, helped her to develop them. A straightforward psychic and Empath, Tatiana explains, “I encourage my clients to see the truth, understand the choices available to them, and the possibilities that lay ahead.”

Hern ext. 5239 is a no-tools reader, Medium and Channel with Clairaudient abilities. As a psychic and life coach for 20 years, his main mission is to help callers take control of their future, especially their love relationships, by making them aware of what to expect. Through his thick Irish brogue, he imparts words of wisdom through sometimes uniquely Californian metaphors, such as, “Sometimes you have to put the surfboard back in the truck if you don’t want to ride someone else’s wave.” More directly speaking about romantic entanglements he says, “The less you obsess about old relationships, the more room you have to think about new possibilities.”

Tammy ext. 9380 concurs, “When we hang on after a love has moved on or passed away, we can’t open ourselves up to move forward in life.” Her uncommon combination of Celtic and Native American roots endow her with a magical blend of mysticism. Describing her style as “inspirational,” she can help unveil the answers to even the most sensitive questions about love, relationships, soulmates, money, career, and more.

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