Cat’s Eye Tarot: June 28 – July 4

Cat's Eye Tarot: June 28-July 4 | California Psychics

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Why are cats so nonchalant? While walking in my neighborhood yesterday I observed a remarkable thing. A huge, loud crow was “dive-bombing” a cat who was sauntering through her yard, tail in air, unconcerned.

The crow would get within inches of her fur, swooping down repeatedly, with ear splitting, scary cries, and the cat wasn’t concerned enough to even look up. The cat seemed young, maybe a teenager in cat years. But, she held her space in a graceful way that queens could study for years and not master.

It seemed to be a power game on the part of the crow, the crow was as large as the cat.

But, guess who won.

Finally, the crow, worn out from its acrobatics, flew off for a nearby bush. Quiet returned to the neighborhood. The cat settled in against her house and took a snooze in the sun.

Hmmm…I think we could learn something from cats.

What does the Cat’s Eye Tarot by Debra Givin have to say?

June 28 – Sunday

Eight of Cups

The kitty walks away sadly as he sees his favorite little boy petting another cat. A situation today might call for a departure. A new and better phase is right around the corner for you, though it is still unseen. If a love situation turns out disappointing, do not be too discouraged. Something very nice awaits you in the near future though you don’t see it yet. The ending of a relationship is necessary before it can take place. Trust that the Universe is bringing you something better. What seems a loss is actually a gain.

June 29 – Monday

The Tower

The calico cat jumps from his perch during a lightning storm. Unexpected and unwelcome, that’s how it could seem. Your routines will be shaken up and it will happen suddenly. Realize that this will loosen old and rigid ways of life that your soul is calling you to move beyond. As you look back on what happens today, during the weeks ahead you will see the fracture of an old pattern that kept you from a new and more exciting life. As a result, freedom returns in whatever way you most desire it!

June 30 – Tuesday

The Hanged Kitty

The kitty is suspended and vulnerable, unable to act. Don’t try to figure it out with your head. Surrender to your spirit and expect only your highest good. The more you can completely trust the rightness of your destiny, the quicker things will get better. Get out of the way and give way to the Higher Power today.

July 1 – Wednesday

The Hermit

Trapped in an alley in the dark, the black kitty makes the most of his limited surroundings. Treasures await you in retreat. Spiritual nourishment is abundant now. You will be guided in an unusual way. Spirit visitations in dreams and visions are possible. You see the bigger picture, whether others do or not. Trust the information your intuition is giving you about how to proceed in an important issue relating to your Life Path. All will spin out well!

July 2 – Thursday

The Sun

The ancient orange cat enjoys a vibrant sunny day from the ledge on his porch. Live in the now, because replenishment will come from this in short order. Completion of an important project has taken place and it is time to bask in celebration. Warm and loving thoughts are with you telepathically. They come from friends, lovers, and people in your family. Even strangers greet you warmly as they walk by. The world seems full of love today. Send and receive life-giving messages.

July 3 – Friday


Two Siamese cats have climbed to the top of the roof! Your Higher Self is calling. Reach up to the new level. See a relationship today with clarity, because your higher self is connecting with another’s. Evaluate what you’ve achieved spiritually. Be honest.

On the practical level, you are called to a higher level of living. This could mean materially, or how you are perceived by others. You have no choice, really, but to ascend! This is the “karma” that is up on the table for you now, and it’s very good.

July 4 – Saturday

Two of Wands

A brave young tabby hangs from a limb and suddenly scoops up a lizard. Certain situations call for a “pounce”. Such a situation will surface for you today. An offer will be made to you that will make your life better. It could come through a conversation, a phone call, or through something in print. Snap up the opportunity. To not do so will leave you behind. Be alert today to the possibilities being offered.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Cat Walk Spread

Callers frequently ask about a move or change of location and the question is always: how, when, and where?

This spread is an eight card “catwalk” that traces the pathway to your new location! Similar to an astrological horary chart or pendulum work, it helps to identify a specific location and have that in mind when you ask the question. Then, to look at other possibilities, you can do this one by one, over and over, for clarity. It is then possible to look at multiple choices and do a comparison with this spread for each.

The cards are read from bottom to top. The layout mimics a cat’s footsteps sauntering toward his destiny and is configured like this: cards one, two and three are a straight vertical line. Then, the cat starts to question and explore in zig- zag fashion. And, don’t forget, we’re reading from bottom to top.

Card 8- What’s the overall outlook for this location?

Card 7- What’s the potential for financial success here?

Card 6 – What’s the love and happiness potential here?

Card 5- What will the new environment look and feel like?

Card 4- How do you get in the door here?

(Here, the cat encounters the unknown and starts to meander.)

Card 3- Where you are going (future).

Card 2- Where you are now (present).

Card 1- Where you’re coming from (past).

Start here:

“Curiosity killed the cat?” I think not. The tarot tells us that this is the way to explore a new possible future.

Bright blessings to you, and Happy “Independence” Day! Remember to think like a cat!

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