Birth Legends: The Mark of a Psychic

Psychics are born into this world and there are specific traits or characteristics that mark one with such power, such as a veiled birth: legends. Each of us has, at some point or another, experienced a moment of foresight. For instance, thinking of someone just as she or he calls on the phone or somehow knowing what the next song on the radio will be. Moments like these often make one stop to ask, “Was that a coincidence or am I psychic?” Although it would be wise to consider whether or not your favorite radio station rotates the same 50 songs day after day, it very may well be that you are at least a little bit psychic.

Of course some people, like musical proteges, have the gift more than others, and from a very early age. Many of us study and practice a musical instrument for years, achieving a moderate level of proficiency, while others take to it with what appears to be lightning speed, able to identify and play notes on hearing them, visualizing music and hearing music play in their heads. The very best psychics have a similar gift, an extraordinary Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

One of the earliest marks of a psychic takes place at birth when a child is born in the caul (also referred to as veil or hood). The caul is a thin membrane, part of the amniotic sac in which the baby grows while in the womb. A child born with a caul usually emerges with the amnion covering his or her head. It has been described as a shimmering veil. The caul is harmless and easily removed by a doctor or midwife. Those born this way are referred to as caulbearers. These types of births are very rare, especially today due to more interventive birthing techniques.

There is much folklore associated with caul births. In certain societies caulbearers were burned as witches and thought to be werewolves or vampires. For the most part, however, being born with a caul was seen as a good omen, a sign of luck and greatness, the mark of kings (caulbearers being born already crowned).

Thought to bring wisdom, honor and truth, cauls were often purchased by Greek and Roman statesmen. In Scandinavian tradition, the caul was associated with the presence of an accompanying spirit called a fylgja, which after birth would manifest as an animal, object or person. In other societies, caulbearers were believed to be impervious to drowning, and the cauls themselves (which can be dried and saved), were highly sought after by sailors, who would buy them and often wear them in lockets as prevention against drowning. Amniomancy, a form of divination, was practiced by interpreting the caul. Cauls were often kept as heirlooms. Upon the death of the bearer, it was said that the caul should be burned so its owner could rest peacefully.

Caulbearers are also said to have the ability to be able to detect underground water, to predict weather changes and to know when fish and food will be plentiful.

In addition to all this is the psychic ability. Born behind the veil, caulbearers are believed to possess special sensitivities, to have the ability to navigate between many worlds and to see the future. Along with the psychic gift, they are also said to be natural healers, practicing via laying on of hands or doing distance healing.

Caulbearer infants are usually easy babies. As they develop, caulbearers can potentially be misunderstood because people sense that they are different. If you know a child or have a child born with a caul, being aware of these associations may help sensitize you to their potential needs and gifts. However, it’s important to bear in mind that all children, born with a caul or not, should be treated no differently and allowed to develop whatever psychic, healing or special talents they may have.

Some famous caulbearers include Alexander the Great, Jesus, the poet Lord Byron and the mystic poet Kahlil Gibran.

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131 thoughts on “Birth Legends: The Mark of a Psychic

  1. Sierra T

    It’s interesting how less than 1 in 80,000 births, and it’s more common than I thought. I’m not sure If I was born in a caul, but I had encounters where my spirit has left my body, I have traveled in my sleep to other “dimensions” you can say, and I have a high sense of energies that surround me. I can feel someone’s energy and know their intentions without even speaking or knowing them, And usually, I am right. But this isn’t about me, it’s about my 1-year-old. My daughter was born in a caul, and she just turned one November of 2019. Since she has turned one she has been seeing the spirits that I can feel, she’s even made gestures towards whomever it may be. She screams in the middle of the night from her sleep, and she sometimes holds her ears as if she’s hearing too much noise. I sense that this has to do with her abilities, but I can’t seem to come across any “research” that explains how en cauls are as children. She’s an old soul for sure, she’s calm. She doesn’t cry unless she’s hungry or fed up with being in her playpen. Anyone that meets her automatically falls in love with her as well, and she has the power to make all your troubles, thoughts, worries, and depressions away by just placing her hand on you. Like, one time I was crying…deeply hurt over something (around this time she was only 8 months), and she lifts her hand up, as if she knew what she was doing, and held her hand on my face. And at that very moment, I literally forgot what I was crying about. It wasn’t no type of “the innocence of the child gave you light”, NO! My daughter literally mentally and spiritually healed me with a slight touch. I may sound insane to some of you. As mentioned before I have strong empathic abilities, along with some clairvoyant….and I’m not entirely sure what to make of my 1 year old and how to help her during this young time. These dreams and “loud noises” concern me about her well being.

    1. Trina

      Chrisy Martins you hit it in the spot. I too was born with a veil over my face. I was sooo bothered as a child by seeing and hearing the dead even feeling them too. Some attach themselves to me I also hear the organ playing an every night i get awakened at 3am which is the dead hour. I can see when other people spirits leave their bodies I can even leave my own body at night. I can see the battle between good and evil it’s a while war going on constantly and most can’t see it but it’s among us. I do believe the veil has another being that is always with us in my case their are two spirits with me at all times. I’ve had two people in my life that actually saw them and told me about them. One of the people said I will have a hard time keeping a mate because the spirits are jealous and would run the person away and this is true.

    2. Chrissy. Martins

      You are not crazy. Your daughter is a conduit. Between this world and the other. You are blessed to be in her presence. The loud noise that she hears is the voices of the past … most likely a mens choir or 1950’s radio she is clairvoyant. Organ music too. Ask her what she hears? Really listen to what she says … email me anytime happy to help

  2. JohnBoy

    I was born with a veil. Life has been great growing up. I sleep 5 hours a day. I use to see and hear a lot when I was younger. I see the past, the present and future. Been married twice and both my ex and my wife gets mad because I know before they tell me. Yep it sucks to know what was suppost to be a surprise. My kids have learned not to lie to me and in return I give them a chance to tell me the truth before I ask for the truth and hold their hand. I believe in god and yes by all means yes god is real. I have a close bond with god and I do pray. I cant see the winning lottery numbers but there is something to this veil thing. My most favorite out of my gift would be seeing the truth. My least favorite would be as a adult, seeing the future, as a child seeing and hearing the nonliving. Now I dont mind the nonliving. People love to prove me wrong about the future but shhhhh I’m just helping guide them down a path I want them to take. What can I say, I’m not perfect. I could go on for days about my life with this gift.

    1. Chelsey Van Dell

      Can you see the future for anyone ? Like me for instance? You’re blessed I wish I could have those gifts.

    2. nyree D Phillips

      I have the same experiences how did u know for sure, I call myself a See er, lol…. Not too many can relate but I love it. C

  3. Fransisco

    Hi im a caulbearer but my veil wasnt just around my head i was born with a veil all around my body
    and so far i havnt read anything like this so if anyone knows something pls rply.

    1. Ky

      My grandmother says I was born in a sack like thing. She couldn’t see me so she touched the sack and it split open .People predict greatness for me but I don’t think I have these super powers that am seeing everyone writing here . But wherever I go am perceived as a rich and great person . I might as well say sometimes I come off as weird to some people.

    2. amie greer

      I was born inside a full sack or full caul as well. As a baby/ toddle I was very difficult and would have “night terrors”. My mom had doctors check me with no diagnosis. A spiritual person said I could see beyond Reality. I remember lights and animals. As a teenager I couldn’t take naps because I sometimes would be stuck outside my body and not be able to wake up. I still can’t sleep unless I am totally tired. I workout an hour+ a day so I’m super tired and take cbd. It nice to know others out there are different too. I have found that simply thinking about someone, I can hone in on them and know how they are. They usually call me the next day or I’ll see them. However, it’s communicating with animals that is a gift. It’s like I hear their feelings or needs. Sometimes it’s un-nerving to know things that others aren’t. If someone or an animal is in pain, I have to help. Anyone else see others pain?

    3. Muffinman

      MS K I also prayed to take the pain of my siblings. I stayed in the hospital. After so much I asked God to take it off me. My gift is warnings, protection, and healing.

    4. Ms K

      I have was also born the same, and oddly had white fluffs of hair on my shoulders and back. From a very young age, I have seemed to pray to take pain from others while I said nightly prayers. By the time I was 12, I remember sobbing in my mother’s arms repeatedly saying I will see and have so much tragedy,and I can’t change it. 46 now, I actually attract strangers even with major questions or tragedy. 120 people I have encountered Told me really deep secrets and passed away…I am looking for answers too!

  4. Jack

    My name is Jack and I was born caul. From ever since I can remember I have felt heavy darkness, seen ghost, and have had conversations with dark things. Iv also traveled in the past and seen things from Egyptian times, to 1800’s era. Iv been woken up in the night countless times with a heavy presence in the room. I have dealt with legions of demons, along with many other different kinds of spirits that are out there. I was raised Christian, and have been to countless churches, as well as all over the world and no one seems to understand me. Iv learned to deal with it, but it’s a lonely life.

    1. Ayla

      When I was 5-6 years old i had visions while awake of the pyramids, and stairs goes to some place up not sure where but it was so bright.
      Used to see lion walking back and forth near by my bed before going sleep.
      And used to stare up at the stars and get lost in them for long period of time while other children around me playing.
      Mirrors attracts me so much

    2. Quinton TG

      I’ve traveled to Egypt recently in a vision and I’m starting to encounter demons and other spirits. How do I control this things. Boltzdameek

    3. King

      I know how you feel, I was born encaul too. . .Don’t let people touch you and beware of people who get to close to you. They sometimes absorb this caul power from you, which you will often feel slight electric shocks and goose bump-like feelings on your skin. So be careful. The Caul is a physical manifestation of your spiritual star, to know how it works you need to study the markaba!

    4. DEE

      Your not alone Jack, people come and go. I grew up the oddball that never fit in and as I grew up I found out why I’m different. I’m me and I don’t mind being alone. The only reason why I am commenting on what you wrote is because you wrote it on my birthday. ENJOY LIFE, ITS BEAUTIFUL

  5. Julie

    Actually I’m pretty ordinary. I guess I do carry around a confidence that people can pick up on. That’s the problem I deal with.
    Negative people pry on me..Try to knock me down constantly.
    After reminding myself that I was born a caulbearer I feel protected..
    With all my heart and soul I feel powerfully protected ..Just relax with the knowing.
    God Bless

  6. Tarsy james

    I also was born with a veil,and i believe it to be the partial veil ,from the age of 1 i was seeing things,slept with my eyes open ,that would often scare my mother,grew up seeing ghosts,and hearing voices in both my ears,at the age of 15 my oldest brother drown,,wanted so bad to see him til i only had dreams of him asthough he was alive,samething with my grandmother the bells ringing in my ears ,no explanation why but its kinda driving me crazy,my gift so strong that i had to experience getting my self out my body while standing over my body

    1. maria

      James I also had the ability to leave my body when I felt the feeling treat or fear of being trapped. I could fly above and around our car when we would go for long drive. only above and around the car and and could see my father and mother and bother sisters. the way that could come back the car was by touch of sister arm. birthday sept 16 1959. virgo. I have very sensitive to noise emotion taste high sense of smell. and yes I can predict many thing and how people feel. this is very very true. Fatima Maria.

  7. Lowdown&Dirty

    I was born with a caul. After reading the comments I have a very strong urge to slap most of the people who posted. I have always seen things that other people don’t see and have very strong ties to the past— I can see where furniture used to be in a historic house, for example. I can read the history of the land I’m walking or an object I’m holding or touching. I can see important events in someone’s past. I look at it as a set of abilities like any other, like the ability to dunk a basketball or play an instrument. Anyone can do these things. Being born with a caul gives a leg up early on but what starts as talent needs to be honed to skill by practice.

    1. Kelly

      I too am an empath, it’s very unnerving , especially in the state this world is in…but at the same time you, me, we have this knowing built in to our soul that no matter what, we are safe, no matter what we do. God has got us 100% we just gotta remember that!!!

    2. Patricia

      How do you practice? I can not control my abilities. “Seeing” just seems to come and go. How do i control and hone these anilities?

  8. Aple Sanchez

    What will happen if the caul will be stolen? I gave birth w/ EN CAUL BABY. I did not keep the caul and I heard the nurses talking that they will keep the caul as it will give them good luck. If they will use the caul, what will happen to my baby?

    1. angelrodman07

      Nothing. What those who steal the caul don’t know is…. They pull their own seedline out by the root! Meaning they not only curse themselves but everyone in their bloodlines too! What is Holy cannot be handled by the unholy, without severe penalty and punishment. Fret not! Your blessed child doesn’t loose any gifts! And in all truth, because of the caul theft… MUST be given 7x More in the absence of the caul! Have a blessed day!

  9. chris

    Im a Caul and willing to meet up with other Cauls to see how we can level up and use our powers for the correct purpose before departure. I have a job to do before I go.

    1. Siyabonga Cele

      I also feel the same Chris,taht i was put on this cruel silent world for far more beyond the ordinary…..A job to do and i refuse to leave the world as i found it.

    2. Tonya Thibodeaux

      I am in to..i was born with a veil and would love to talk to other people that was born with it to…

    3. Theresa

      I was born with a Caul, and the midwife got rid of it. I did not know nothing about it, I was told by my grandmother after she was told by my mum that when I was born they had to take off a second skin that was on my face and it scared my mum

    4. Rosina Lock

      I keep wondering why certain people who supposedly are born with the caul talk about “using their powers?” they aren’t powers? it sounds ego-tistic?? We have certain gifts but I would never use this word power! Be proud to have gifts that might help others but please drop this word power! Rosina Lock

    5. Bamberina Rodriguez

      I’m a caul from what I was told I remember stuff that are not typical there and I don’t quite understand I’m looking for others like me to help me Maby

  10. Madison jones

    My best friends mom was born with a caul and she has seen spirits. She has been raped and beat her whole life yet now she is 57 years old and is still alive..she has been to heaven and talked with jesus.. she saw her daughter playing with a lion in heaven.she even knows how she will die. Jesus sent her back to earth and told her she would go to heaven soon, but untill then, she had to protect the ones she loves.

    1. Kelly

      I too am an empath, it’s very unnerving , especially in the state this world is in…but at the same time you, me, we have this knowing built in to our soul that no matter what, we are safe, no matter what we do. God has got us 100% we just gotta remember that!!! I use to be a social butterfly when I was younger, but never ever fit in. I have experienced what most consider to be debilitating trauma, and not, just once, but several times. I have the understanding built into me of why i had to experience it I

    2. Joseph Carter

      I to was born with a Caul and have been to Heaven. I have spoken with Christ multiple times and have seen the thrown room and myself is spirit form. I am realizing that I truly live in two worlds and becoming more comfortable with recognizing when I am in both at once and yet I know there is more to come. I feel the anointment growing. I have had experiences with God that suggests we are all connected to God more than we can imagine

  11. Jackie

    Each caul that a child is born with serves a different purpose. Why they might have second sight they do not always see the specifics in the future only glimpses. Each caul works differently. Some children see things in the past or things that have passed away. Some cauls work on gut instinct that is the strongest. Another words do not try to pull the wool over a caulbearers eyes they know when they are being had and they pretty much in tune of what can happen before it happens. Forklore in my family has it when my aunt died her doll did not burn because she had sewn her caul into it, but when she died she haunted my sister for that doll. I was born with that caul and the same auntie always referred to me as her child. Freaky eh.

  12. Corey

    My mom is a caulbearer. Can the off spring of a caulbearer share some of the gifts? I have had premonitions, I have seen future events in dreams, i have seen my dead family members in heaven. I can see ghosts, and I’ve went too different worlds. No one besides my mom believes me, they say they do but you can tell they don’t. Please help me understand things I’ve seen and things I may be capable of doing.

    1. Lavonda

      I was also born with a veil, and my daughter always having weird abilities as dreaming about something and saying I just dreamed that happened…
      Before my mom passed in 2005 my daughter woke up crying one night asking me to please stop smoking cigarettes cus she just dreamed I died from smoking , about a week later my mom died and had on a dressed my daughter described I had on in her dream and my mom was a heavy smoker but died of cardiac arrest.

    2. Tracey Brown

      Everyone will not understand or accept your gift. Be proud of who you are and always use your gift in a positive way.


      Hi I’m Travis and I’m a caul bearer it sounds like you could be a caul bearer possibly I really want to meet up with caul bearers I’m going to try and get it together I feel like I’m supposed to find others like me and figure this out working together not trying to sound like x-men either lol but my feelings are always right

  13. Esther

    I am 45yrs old and I was also born with a caul. I have just found where my mother had hidden it. The problem is I don’t have these gifts that other caulbearers have,why is that? Pls help me,I take it with me wherever I go,

    1. Lorenzana Joshua

      I can not guarantee but I feel in my heart that the answer to your question is you could be in denial or scared of what happens around you spiritually your mother never let you know but has nothing to do with the fact that you knew this whole time I also know this but I have to say I believe we are the ones that are reincarnated to help guide and remind others on how to get back to the light.. in time it will come to you just what I’m talking about

    2. Andrea Pond

      There are many reasons why ones gifts can be blocked. I suggest doing some detoxing both physically and mentally…. any alcohol or substance use can hinder. I was told my whole life from my mother about my birth and how the midwife was excited and said I was to be a prophetess… I really didn’t have any interest in it. Although, looking back I always had signs and just knew inside I was different from others, it wasn’t until my 30’s when I seemed to have more of a desire to find out what exactly my birth signified. I think once you start thinking on it and begin to mentally and spiritually nurture the thoughts, then you will see growth. And don’t be expecting some AMAZING spiritual physic abilities…. because I believe we have more subtle yet powerful intuitions. We are human and not special…. but we have been chosen to help our fellow humans. We can do this simply by helping to heal others in small yet beautiful ways. It becomes somewhat of a burden at times.. and you may find yourself carrying the weight of the world for no apparent reason.
      Just keep doing what your doing.. ask the angels for guidance. They are very connected to us…. you’ll find your path. God bless

  14. twilightborn

    I dont claim to have a veil but I am very sensitive in detecting them on persons. What does this mean? Not everyone can detect a psychic veil over someones face

  15. Dawu

    I came with the full veil and my mum had to attempt running away because it was strange to her as she narrated. An elderly lady was called in who came to tear of part of the veil for me to breath properly. I was told this when I was almost 30. Ive never read anything on the caul. Until quite recently i dont even know how come i googled to know whats the caul. Its amazing. The soaring level and speed that i can go while in dream flight. Not to mention the various places, encounters, special powers and acts that i manifest in my dreams up till now.

    About thirty years ago i was sent away from a spiritualist compound for no offence committed. She just saw me and asked my host to send me away immediately. There was another one who warned my colleague not to bring me to his compound again. I never understood all these. its quite an experience. Yet am not able to identify and develop the full potentials of this phenomenon so that i can use it to help others. Any help?

    1. Starseed

      We’re still powerful people can’t stand it I’ve had a lot of. That too incidents like this – now random people keep trying to bump me in public trying to touch me I’m going to go great now people are trying to steal my healing energy ! Ahh

  16. ANDII

    I was born with a veil .When I am sleeping I am awaken by ghost.Up to a few days ago approximatey 4.00am something just keep holding down my right leg until I pull it up really hard.A few months ago this figure cuffed me on the left size of my neck etc etc.

    1. Marla

      I was not born with a viel but have had a similar situation. A few years ago I would be woken up in the middle of the night by a feeling of someone grabbing my feet and trying to pull me out of my bed. For some reason I was not frightened and could see a glowing light passing in my hallway from my bedroom. I was advised to ask this spirit to please stop..and it went from grabbing my feet to laying down next to me in bed and comforting me. My boyfriend at the time was staying with me and actually had a similar feeling of someone laying down with him. He told me it was so real he thought it was me laying back down next to him but I had already left for work. It gradually stopped.

  17. Sharyn

    I like what yoou guyss are up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up thee superb works guys I’ve incorporated
    yoou guys to blogroll.

  18. Dalorean

    I am able to navigate between many worlds and see the future.. I was born with a veil .. In my dreams, I get to fly and bounce from one place to another world .. It’s scary what I can see in the dream world , but I guess. That’s one of my trait, and I am used to it.

    1. Sima

      My mother says i was born with this caul thing covering my entire body and i foreseen things which I dont tell anyone beacause its scary and I feel like people will think Iam a witch and after those things happened I feel guilty I just dont know what to do

    1. Tracey Brown

      My gift allows me to do the same. It used to bother me. I can also see parts of people’s child hood and which parent they resembled most. I’ve learned to use my gift to help others with thinking through their decisions better and to help them appreciate their childhood. If a negative exists, so does positive. Always focus on the positive and learn from the negative.

  19. Iva Mosher

    I was born 2/14/80 in the U.S and also a caulbearer. My mother told me the doctor told her that its good luck. I have had a few dreams that have came true amd some that where stranhely realistic. I also have good intuition when I meet people. There has been times that I have kicked people out of my house for no reason….I just get this overwhelming feeling that they are no good.
    Never understood how or why till now. Ive been doing some research on being a caulbearer and I would definitely like to know more and how I can bring out the best of my abilities if possible.

  20. Lisa lipscomb

    I was born with a caul or veil, and I am a 13th child, can any one help me cause when I was a teen about 15 there was this voice that said to me that tonight the night is the witching hours an all the golbbesaws an goules will be out tonight. An then I saw something else that you would not believe. So can someone help me what does it mean when your born a 13th child an a caul over your face please you call me at then this number asap 708

  21. D. Diamond

    I was born with a veil. My mother always told me she was upset because the doctor discarded it. My father was a sailor and she was told if he carried it he would not drown or be harmed at sea. That was all I knew about it. I don’t have any psychic abilities that I am aware of. I have had feelings of dejavu but nothing out of the ordinary. I do think I may have a gift of some kind of enlightenment. I seem to be able to calm and gently persuade people and help them to realize some truths and feel better. A way of maybe more like a spiritual healing, if that makes sense. Just thought I’d share that. I Don’t like crowds, always more comfortable in a smaller group or setting. I can really identify with people.

  22. Sarah Kelly

    My nan was a caulbearer and I’m wondering if these gifts can be passed along! I have always felt a very strong bond with her and have similar experiences to some earlier posts! I have had out of body experiences and have had a lot of premonitions in dreams! I was aware of when my nan was going to die something very strong was telling me I don’t how! I’ve felt that she has never left my side I feel her presence all the time! I am in possession of the caul! 93 yrs old and still in good condition! Does anyone know if this is possible to pass on!??

  23. leanna marie

    I wasn’t born with a caul but am different. Being born with a caul is not what makes you different it is they way that you are. There are only a few people like me although many people think that they are different or special when achually they are not. You will know if you have powers and it will show but jaut because you were born in a caul does not mean that you do.

  24. RLP

    I found this site quite by accident, but found the topic appealing. I am 61 years old and was born with a full veil. My mother hadn’t told me until I was in my late twenties, but the description definitely explains a lot of what was happening to me most of my life up to that point. I was unable to describe what I was doing or experiencing until I was 21 and purchased a book called ‘The Psychic Sciences.’ Through reading that book I discovered that at the tender age of four I was astral projecting (spirit leaves the physical body). When in my teens I was having precognitive dreams and visions that always came true just as I described it to others. When I started telling people beforehand as a warning of what would happen to them, when it came true they became terrified of me. I could spend ten minutes with a person and tell them everything about them. I’d be in a car with a person and scream for them to immediately stop, avoiding a fatal accident minutes before happening. I had dreams of accidents I’d be in and tell others…two weeks later it would occur as I described. I had a conversation with a dead relative while astral projecting, and knew years before when they would expire. I had visions of angels and been attacked by spiritual demons which were successfully cast off. Being so tied with the spiritual realm is dangerous if you do not have discernment, which I learned the hard way. In 1982 I was saved and soon afterwards baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    So, I guess in my particular walk in life you could call me psychic. However, the down side is loneliness. When you answer to a higher vibration of spirituality and if you cannot keep it a secret, people will be afraid of you or intimidated. You will be labeled as a kook at best if not entirely crazy. I was married for 20 years and knew before we were married why we would eventually wind up divorced. I would travel with my husband and when I laid my hand on a plane refusing to board it, he’d rail in a rage at me. He got on the plane…only to sit there for 45 minutes and be told by the pilot that everyone had to get off because they had trouble with the left engine…..when he approached me, I said “It was the left engine, right?” he stared at me with fear. That should have convinced him, but it didn’t for long. Most of my friends thought me odd or strange, but liked me and was popular for my sense of humor.

    Another time my husband and I were flying home from vacation and he wanted to take a later flight. I knew it was a bad move, but he argued the point. Twenty minutes from landing the plane jerked violently and fought terrible turbulence like I never experienced. It was so awful even the stewardesses were strapped into their seats crying. I closed my eyes amid all the screams, crying and sounds of vomiting and began to pray. Suddenly I heard an actual audible voice that said “Fear Not.” All of the sudden the image of angels holding up the jet’s wings came to me. I opened my eyes and looked over to my terrified husband and asked with amazement, “Did you hear that?” Of course he thought I was nuts. I then realized he hadn’t but told him, “We are going to be alright, we are going to make it!” As soon as I said that the terrible shaking and dropping of the plane stopped and we had a smooth landing. Needless to say the people on the plane applauded and gave a huge sigh of relief. Before I got off the plane, I peeked into the cockpit at the crew .They had gone through the wringer and they looked it, The captain appeared wiped out so I smiled at him and said “Great job, thanks!” He smiled a bit and appreciated the compliment but doubted it was his skill that landed that plane.

    I could go on and on with many more amazing psychic stories, but I think those examples would suffice. So being born with a veil must have some credibility to it. We are blessed on one hand, but on the other cursed. I am grateful for the gift and feel blessed. I enjoy being a part of something that seems most special!

    1. Steven king

      I can relate to your experiences at 57….born with the caul…and reconized by my great grandmother as the gift jumps generations.
      Being a male with the caul made no difference to my grandmother.
      I began my education to understand the gift at 4…being from the rual south we were reconized by all…for the healings….holistic compunds…insite….yet all kept quiet.
      I was bound not to tell anyone..
      Being a prodigy of 70s It was fun to be in the small teenage groups…tell them thier life stories…snd even a little past life…
      Yes either terrified…cool…or freak…
      Grandmother often called me on the carpet to say stop playing with minds…but if they were smoked up as they would say…they were gair
      Yes it can help with careers..and yes we often live very lonley lives….
      My wife was cautioned before marriage…shown the ability but after had all kinds of issues with it as she did not understand.
      Often like the movie..about the boy exploited thru religion as a traveling seeer.
      Im all if this…proud of it and now see others comming out like me.
      Great stories…and YES we are the REAl DEAL

    2. dorothy fuerte

      I too was born with my entire body in a veil. I used to sense things before they happened but on day my husband said I was freaking him out. That was in my early twenties. I don’t do half the stuff I did and I guess turned it off. Maybe? I can usually tell someone what they are having while pregnant. I sensed all my pregnancies before I knew. Also knew the sex. I feel I have a lot more but don’t know what to do. Any advice?

  25. Lashantua

    All my life I thought I was wierd and was too afraid to talk to others about my situation. Every since I was a child I could see strange things. As I approached my early twenties I started having dreams about things that would actually come true, then they turned into premonitions. I have had a lot of out of body experiences as well as being visited by the other side while having these out if body experiences. Now I am forewarned by this strong spiritual sensation right before someone I know passes away. Creepy I know. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that my mother finally told me that I was born with a veil. Thanks a lot mom. That explains my strange life .

  26. sam

    i iandvertently met a caulbearer who inadvertently performed remote healing for my pain. its amazing!!now he realises he may have the gift of healing and is exploring it,these mysteries of the subconscious world are rarely revealed and i feel fortunate to have received it.b the way he is also born in 1981!!!

  27. Rose

    I was born with a veil and was gifted with many God given talents but this has left me lonely. I would like to talk to other people like me as i believe they would understand

  28. DreamWalker Rain

    What does it mean to be born with a halo. They say that a Nurse saw a halo over me and only those whom where born with it could see other halos over others that were born. She told my mom that it meant that I had guardian angels who would surround me through out my life. Is this true or can someone tell me please what it means. Thanks!

    1. Danielle Emmer

      I was born with a halo! And I’ve always had psychic abilities! I have a scar directly in the middle of my forehead which is the mark of th beast. I was also born on 12/061996. I’ve experienced astral projection, sleep paralysis, and regular terrible night terrors. I don’t know what any of this means but I’m very enlightened and always have been. I’d like to speak to more people with halos.

  29. anmiele

    My mother was born under a veil and all of my siblings and myself, my sister’s & my children would have been if the doctors hadn’t removed them. We all have verying levels of sensitivity and gifts.

  30. JM

    really enjoyed the conversation. my mother was a caulbearer and I can understand the potential and danger, of certain gifts and abilities as I hVe witnessed. Unfortunately, I did not know what I know now but always had an apparent “understanding” of her. I also wonder if this potential and gift is not some how passed on to offspring or ‘willed’ through a parent-child connection??? i was bery interested in “onthepath”‘s comments and insights…..don’t give up on quest…the gift and abilities remain within. trust your inner self and in Spirit to ‘re-nurture’ yourself. you do not lose these abilities…they may lie dormant but remain. “seek and thee shall find” its all within…go deep and ‘unveil’…. blessed!

  31. Tabittha

    My son was born in 2000 in his sac and the ambulance man had to break it .. my son seems to know things, like once he told me I was pregnant andhad to get to the doctors .. 2 weeks later I found I was pregnant with an ectopic pregnacy ,, we had to get someone in once who deals with spiritual stuff when he was about 4 cause he said he could see a bloke in his room dress like a musketeer .. hes 12 now and things have carmed down on that but every now and then he comes out with things ..

  32. betty

    Im a caul bearer and ever since i wasl
    A young child i experienced dreams would become future reality and now that im older i get them more often and have the capability to see angels.all my life society see me as a wierdo but God knows that im special and im gifted i just dont know how to use it

  33. eade

    the red mark on my face have map of the world. for a year i can communicate with the holly spirit. teaching me and helping me understand more about my self. im not as shame about it not afraid to let people know. i want peace for my self becouse of my veil i have been thru so much in a life time could experince in reality and look things as well. even all that i am still greatfull for it. and im not evil and i didnt come from. but i am living in hell where this earth can be haven and hell

  34. eade

    i was born with the veil and the red mist on my face. when i was born my mother though i was evil couse she look at me and see hell. my mum keep sliping out about the pass when i was yong bit i couldnt remember anytjing till after i was 7.

    1. Leide

      My mom told me that her mom was dorm with a vail and we would wake up screaming cuz of constant nightmares of spirets she had told my mom that I would be just like her one day and I was born with a vail on 10/31/2002 I have nightmares oftin wen I was young I would see random fighers but as I got older things got more strang I would get dreams of a conversation that I will have with one of my family members and weeks to a year latter it happens not to long ago I had went to sleep and woke up to a young Japanese girl during on my bed steering at me smileing then she just disapered in front of my eyes,but for some reason I couldn’t more or even make a noice and for some srang reason,i want back to sleep as if nothing happened

  35. katie

    Hi my daughter was born at 30.3 weeks and she was born completely sealed in the caul . I can find alot on veiled babies but not much on sealed babies?? Is there even a difference or are all caul bearers the same? How is one to raise a caul baby?? Confused !!!

  36. NAPDKA

    I was Born with a Caul, and my mom really didn’t say much about it LOL.. she gave me details but just kept some things to herself and didn’t put much emphasis on the “caul”. Funny thing I before my birth the couldn’t tell what I was the whole 9 months (lol) and my older brother was such a big trouble in his early years she prayed and hoped it was a girl.. Well about 2 weeks b4 my birth my mom had a “Dream” (she always had Dreams that came true but that’s another thread for another day LOL) This one God showed her me floating in the amniotic sac and she saw my exact face (now they have 3d) and was revealed I was a girl. Well fast-forward my birth she told all the nurses and my Doc I was a girl and all they could do was laugh and tell her not to get too excited she may get the opposite (lol). Well after the caul removal and my full body out It was revealed I was a girl and she always laughed and would finish “they all just looked at each other in amazement and fear like wth was going on that day” I was born 08/04/84 very ironic number and born 7lbs 7 oz on the 7th day of the week :).. Yes I may be reaching with my birth weight stats but hey it’s for emphasis LOLOL. But back to the facts Ever since a small child I would say 5-6ish is when I can remember the “weird” things happening to me.. My dream world taking me to other dimensions (very very frightening as a child) As I grew older I began to learn techniques to gain control of what felt like an uncontrollable situation. I was an outcast as a child by peers and there was no real reason for it when I look back except now what I read other children born with this have similar child experiences!! I have dreams now and my intuition is CRAZY STRONG .I don’t even go into certain people’s homes simply b/c they are unaware of the spirits in their own homes and I don’t want to make a big deal or even let them know I’m aware so I stay away… Only really, really, really close friends know about my “dreams and intuitions” as I can’t tell just anyone in fear of embarrassment or reaction (most just don’t understand). It’s not every day I dream hell they slowed down tremendously after my late teens early 20’s ! I thank God everyday b/c the déjà vu’ was unbearable at one point in my life. I couldn’t tell if I went to sleep the dreams were so real and vivid. I could go on and on it just feels so good to express what has happen and put a true connection to the caul!

  37. Nish Pugh

    Hey. lol thaught it was super funny how my nickname is so close to Jaimie’s last. I am also a caul berrer. i was born fully enclosed in my mothers amniotic sac and i was also born at home. Like most, i dont like to talk about the feelings of “preminitions” or whatever, but i definitely wanted to say that this is an awesome article and also that im glad there are more people with similar births as me. i believe that with science, mathematics, and other psychic and spiritual arts that this earth’s evolutions are becoming more and more beautiful. I was just curious, wondering if anyone has seen the Akira movie/ comics. My mothers name is Kira so its one of my favorite anime series. it may be fictional but in my life i have experienced so much similarities to the movie. I’ts a crazy world we live in but with all the changes happening so fast and ubruptly there is always hope for a better future. Lol sorry to mention the zombie thing in florida but i also thaught it was a wierd coinsidence about the myths of caul berrers being vampires somehow linked to this decade. Also coinsidentaly i had discovered this myth just two months before the so called zombie attacks had started occuring. farfetched maybe. but who knows. just thaught i’d mention it lol. thanks for reading.

  38. onthepath

    If your reading this and you have a child that was born with a psychic veil please, do some research to help your lucky child prosper.

    I was born with a psychic veil. I was born on 1/1/81 and around that time(in Australia) there was not much info about it. My mother was told(and then she told me) it was called a Venetian Veil.
    My parents never looked into it for me, even though I was showing signs at an early age, and my mothers midwife made a massive deal about how rare and lucky this was(not to mention my DOB).
    I had so many surreal experiences happen to me, and at such a young age I couldnt make sense of any of it and was terrified.
    The experiences at night I would relate to nightmares, as I grew older(teen) I started to think it was abductions. What kills me is that I remember screaming and running to my parents room for my mum, I was only 3-5 years old during this time. And everytime I did I would get told off by my father. My father was a very scary man growing up, very strict.

    Looking back at some of my daytime experiences now as an adult, to lightly explain it I think I was consciously OBEíng or something. What would happen is was like time would slow down and if someone was talking that was kind of slowed down and kinda echoed or “phased shifted”? I say “phase shifted”(duno if its the right word) cos it also felt like I was dropping in and out of reality. or multiple realites where overlaying each other. Very hard to put into words. I also use the term phase shifted to describe the feeling when I would be going to sleep it wouldnt take me long to get vibrating, but mine was so intense that it felt like I was swinging in a hammock, only weirder. I would be laying flat on my back then the vibrations would start from left to right, then they would escalate into a swing, like I was swinging in a hammock. The really crazy part is that I could feel as if I was at each extremity of the swing(so left side right side) and I could also feel my body in the “hammocks” neutral position(which was me laying down). It was like I was phase shifting from point to point like swinging, yet it also felt like I was in all 3 places at once. This happened pretty much every nite in my early childhood.
    These are just 2 of my many surreal experiences.

    About 10 years ago I started looking into all this esoteric stuff and I thought id give astral projecting, lucid dreaming and OBE’s a go. Problem is now because of the way my father reacted to my “nightmares” I havent been able to do anything.

    Sorry for the essay, what I really want to convey is that if u have a child with born with the veil do as much as u can for them to prosper, these are the children our future NEEDS!
    As children get older there abilities start to fade, so u have to get in early and encourage as much as you can!

    Plus now I can look back as a 31yo adult and put more pieces together, I seriously think I had amazing abilities when I was young, but because I had the opposite of help it was all for naught.

    1 piece of advice u probably wont find anywhere else if I may, read to your child every nite, try to get them to close their eyes and imagine everything your telling them from the story. When they are old enough(dont wait to long), instead of you reading them a bedtime story ask them to close their eyes and to make up a happy story and imagine it in their head and at the same time describe it to you. This is an untested theory of mine but I think it can be extremely effective. My mother read to me at a very early age ever night, and I genuinely believe that helped my abilities greatly. I think by adding in the next step of your child conveying their story to you would be even better, a super charged version of just reading to them. I think this part will help greatly with AP, OBE’s & Lucid dreaming, plus it should also help your child to accept it.
    Another thing to add is maybe you could transcribe their stories they share with you, it may hold something valuable at a later date.

    Oh and naturally if they have imaginary friends act as if they are real, because good chance is they probably are!

    Your children are our future!!

    1. Aloha

      I was also born with a veil, when i was child i observed many things that are strange like seeing unusual things, message in my dreams
      that come to my life in the next few days, and things give messages around me, and many more.

    2. Tracy

      Also I can read animals Minds I know if they are sick sad happy what’s wrong with them they’re when they’re sick if they’re going to injure someone things of that nature

  39. debb

    need to learn more about caulbearers i was born with caul over my face i want to learn more and an actual name they give to caulbeares i read just now couldn’t really make out what it said (fylaia) what isthere symbols

  40. cheryl patrick

    My daughter is a callbearer and already showing signs of sensitivity even at the age of 4 mths,already speaking lol ok ats just mum baba,and the letter b she watches ur mouth when sp then imitates it

  41. Stacey

    OK I understand the Caul births my daughter was born with the amniotic fluid still surrounding her the DR had to break the water when she was out does this have any meaning?

  42. jmay

    a caul or veil is a portion of the amniotic sac or membrane that covers a child’s head and face when born. in most cases it is preserved and given to the mother. it is said to be a sign of good luck and the child is destined for greatness. it also is said to protect against drowning. in medieval times, woman would sell these cauls to sailors for large amounts of money. it is also said that caulberers possess clairvoyance and other abilities to see into other realms or worlds. i too was born with a caul and have experienced some strang things throughout my life. i have had preminitions and strange dreams. i have had this on and off all my life. not something i experience on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. it just seems to come to me in waves at different times in my life. i don’t know why i don’t have it all the time. when i get theses “dreams” or the feeling of just ‘knowing’ i don’t dismiss it. i know i’m experiencing somtheing i can’t explaine it and it is never wrong. i even had a dream when i was standing in the street while people were screaming and running past me. as i stood there i noticed extremly large clouds of smoke chasing these people as it poured down the streets.people were grey with ash. i told everyone my dream but didn’t know what it meant at the time. 1 week later as i watched t.v. i saw what everyone knows as the 911 attack. the images of people running in the streets covered in ash as smoke followed them was EXACTLY what i saw in my dream. it totaly freaked me out. i can’t say if any of my experiences are related to having a caul when i was born or not. again, i don’t get these experiences all the time. it comes and goes. i also experience snchronicity, especially with numbers. in dream, the clock, receipts..etc.don’t know what it means or how to develope my clairvoyance/claircognizance further. my children/husband family and friends have called me a witch,psychic psyco,fisada? all sorts of names. i don’t like to tell them things anymore and don’t want to be made fun of. hope this helps you some.

    1. jhesryl dave

      i am born with caul in my head
      actually i also experience what
      you’ve said

      a dream that become true
      but its natural for me
      because i always dream
      i think 50% of my dream is true event
      in life

      and 50% is just like a puzzle ..
      that can be solve to know
      what its meaning

      i am greatfull to have this special ability
      and also i am greatfull to be a caul bearer

  43. Chris Blignaut

    i remember that my folks said that i had been born with a caul,But didnt realy take any interest in what they were talking about,BUT NOW WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE.


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