Anxiously Waiting for Love

After each reading take time to evaluate the information you receive to help manifest your predictions. “Find the lesson and carry it out until you get what you want,” suggests straightforward psychic reader Danni ext. 5193. “You can call and ask me to tell you what it will take for you to find love, then it’s up to you to accept responsibility and follow through with the messages in your reading to actualize your wish.”

The Clairvoyant Empath’s client Nikki (not her real name), an intelligent, accomplished professional, who has a talent for closing six- and seven-figure business deals, had been calling Danni for weeks to ask questions about love. Unfortunately, nothing was happening for Nikki, even though the messages were always the same. She wouldn’t make an effort to incorporate the information into her life, Danni explains.

“I am shaking right now, Danni. I am shaking really, really hard. I’m sitting here in my bedroom, calling you in the dark because I’m very, very depressed … Isn’t there anyone out there who can love me,” Nikki asked.

Danni responded, “At the end of the day, you need to understand that there are no short cuts in love. Learn to balance your energy for good things to occur. I’ve told you that you’ll find love, but you have to turn down the anxiety.”

“But you don’t understand,” Nikki interrupted. “Men leave me. They all leave. I just date and date and date. I’ve dated for years …” she trailed off.

“But look at what you’ve accomplished in life. You’ve got to start believing in yourself. I would think that running a corporation has to be much harder than believing that you’re capable of finding love,” Danni said.

“Do you really think so,” Nikki asked tearfully, as she had done on many previous calls.

“I know it. The problem is that you don’t know it. You’re blocking it. And you need to visualize enjoying each and every step of the dating process and moving into a relationship,” she insisted.

“I know, I know. But it’s so hard. At work, I’m known as the fast closer. I just get so nervous when I meet someone I like … I’m in my 30’s,” Nikki whined.

“You are going to find love. He’s coming. The relationship will become exclusive, but you have to enjoy this man’s company,” Danni predicted. “In the meantime, work on your anxiety,” she demanded, asking Nikki to follow along with a centering exercise before their call ended.

“Oh God, Danni, I’m hopeless, she began again, “I went out with someone I found myself crazy about before we even ordered dinner. I’d noticed Mark (not his real name) watching me when I would stop for coffee in the mornings. He finally asked me out. Everything went so well. But we went out again last night and he texted me afterwards … He said he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for me — but he does want to be friends,” she finished.

“You scared him,” Danni saw immediately, explaining once again that “in love, unlike in business, you can’t pin people down right away.”

“I just wanted to know if he thought he could fall in love with me,” Nikki admitted.

“Tell him that you have plenty of friends. Then leave him alone for a while and he’ll call. You’ll be in a relationship,” she said to Nikki’s astonishment, “but my guides are saying that you have to be relaxed with him.”

“I knew he liked me,” she exclaimed.

“Wait and see … you could blow it,” Danni advised.

Several month’s later, Danni’s prediction came true. Nikki had waited for Mark to ask her out again, and within weeks they began dating exclusively. Nikki is still struggling with the process of dating and dealing with her anxieties about the future of their relationship, the psychic reports.

“When will he tell me he loves me?” Nikki recently asked Danni. “I really want to hurry up and close this deal, but I know better, thanks to you. I do enjoy him — I think I’m in love with him — and I’m trying to be patient about where this is going … I feel so silly asking,” she said.

“At the end of the day, no matter whom you are and what you can accomplish in this world,” Danni assured her, “everyone calls to get help with love.” And then the psychic gave Nikki a date to mark down on her calendar — the day Mark will finally say “I love you.”

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