A Close Call

She gets great satisfaction from helping callers who are going through rough times. And, it makes her day to turn their bad day into a good one, tells Sherri ext. 9556 a Clairvoyant, who relies on her intuition, the Tarot, and sometimes picks up on spirits from the other side to guide her readings. Obsessed with accuracy, she will also use a pendulum to verify yes or no questions. “When people are struggling, accuracy is consequential. It’s my responsibility to guide clients with truth.”

When Sherri answered Traci’s (not her real name) call, she could feel her sadness immediately. “I asked her name and how I could help her, to get a feel of her energy from her answers.” Sherri could hardly believe the devastation of her new client’s recent circumstances.

Traci had awakened one morning to find that her husband had moved out.

She didn’t have any idea of why or where he went and she didn’t hear from him until four days later. During that time, her car had been repossessed, the bank was calling about the house (he hadn’t been paying the bills) and she was served with divorce papers.

“What happened?” she called out to Sherri and the universe.

Sherri saw that the events had been carefully planned out by Traci’s husband (Blake) not his real name. But Sherri was more concerned with Traci’s well being and that of her three-year-old daughter. She told her caller that she saw her making it through all of this, but in the meantime she needed to protect herself, from the barrage of negative events by envisioning herself and her child being enveloped by a white light.

“I have a job interview tomorrow,” she told Sherri, “but I hear that the competition is strong. I feel vulnerable and my self-confidence is not at its best, especially since I haven’t worked in over three years.” Traci told Sherri that she had been a social worker for the 20 years before she finally became pregnant with Lana.

“Give that interview your best shot,” Sherri counseled her caller, “because I see you getting the job. I also see you receiving a salary that is more than what you’re expecting.”

Traci, didn’t believe the psychic, so Sherri worked to convince her client to believe in herself. She also picked up on her daughter Lana with cause for alarm. “I’m worried about your daughter falling into a swimming pool,” she told Traci. “It has something to do with her being in your husband’s care,” she suggested.

“That’s not possible,” Lana responded to the psychic. “Neither of us has a pool. But Sheri’s professional senses wouldn’t back down. “Be sure to warn your husband to keep a close eye on her, when he takes her out on visits!”

Sherri called back just weeks later. She had gotten the job as the psychic had predicted and it was for more money than she had ever made. And, frightening enough, Lana had tripped and fallen into an ice cold swimming pool when she was in her father’s care. He had taken her directly to the doctor and she was just fine. It turned out that despite Blake’s protests that he had not left Traci “for someone else,” he had, in fact done just that. He had a girlfriend who lived in an apartment building with a pool!

While they were on the phone, Sherri became highly alarmed, sensing that Traci’s young daughter was once again in danger. “Where is she right now?” she asked. Her father had picked her up that morning, Traci responded.

“Please call someone you’re close to and go over to you husbands place right now. Don’t hesitate. She’s in great distress,” the psychic told her.

Having just experienced Sherri’s accuracy, Traci did hang up the phone, called her brother and headed directly for her husband’s apartment. On her next call to Sherri, she described how they had arrived hearing Lana screaming and crying in the distance and Blake hollering obscenities and threats to hurt her. They got in through the door before any further harm could come to the child.

Traci cried on the phone to Sherri with great relief. Over the next year she consulted the psychic with questions regarding her divorce, Lana, and her job. At one point when the divorce was almost final, Traci considered going back to Blake, who had pleaded reform, to his wife of more than 20 years. In weak moments she admitted to considering it.

“Let go,” Sherri advised. “Someone new is coming into your life. He’s very different from Blake and he’s from another state. But if you don’t let go, you may not give him room to enter your world.” When a negative person has controlled your life, one must let one door fully close before you can go into another relationship, Sherri explained.

Soon afterwards, Traci had received a call out of the blue from her high school boyfriend’s brother who had moved nearby. It was now almost a year after Traci’s initial call to Sherri and she now had a good job, saved her home, purchased a car and met a new man whose company she was enjoying on a casual basis. Plus during the course of her newly growing happiness found herself 30 pounds lighter!

She thanked Sherri for her great vision and guidance throughout her hard times. “I never saw how Blake had programmed me to feel sorry for him, and to believe him, even though he did little to evoke my trust. I realize, now, that I never really felt loved all the years I was with him. He said the words, but he didn’t show it.”

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