5 Ways to Make Manifestation Work for You

Manifest the Life You Want to Lead!

Manifestation is a popular buzzword today. Books, articles, blogs, videos, etc., bombard us with information about how to make our dreams into reality. There’s so much information out there and it can get overwhelming. So here are five fool-proof facts that I’ve found really increase my ability to manifest my dreams, and they will work for you too!

1. Find out what you really want. This is unquestionably the best manifestation tip I was ever given. All too often, the reason we’re not getting what we want is that we are not asking for what we really want. We want a new house, so we ask for money. We want companionship, so we ask for a lover. We want to be healthy, so we ask for a better doctor. The problem is that the Universe doesn’t do the automatic sorting out of these desires. If we ask for money when what we are visualizing is a house, the Universe will be getting mixed signals, and probably send nothing at all. So spend some time analyzing what you really want. Then boldly and bravely ask for your true desire.

2. You can’t manifest for people. Many times I found my manifestations frustrated becuase I was trying to manifest something for someone other than me. I would ask for more money so I could impress my friends. Or I’d try to manifest someone feeling stronger emotions for me. I’d even try to manifest jobs I didn’t want just because my friends thought I ought to. But manifestation doesn’t work like that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to manifest good things for others. But your power to manifest ends where their free will begins. If something you are manifesting just isn’t coming to life, double check and make sure you are manifesting it for yourself and not sometime else.

3. Affirmations work, so be specific. When I was 17, my beloved kitten ran away. I was heartbroken. So I asked the Universe to please send me a new kitten—one who would never run away. Within less than two weeks, I was given four stuffed animal kittens! Oops! I was perfectly aligned with steps 1 and 2, but I forgot to mention that I wanted a live kitten. I revised my affirmation to include this detail. A month later my current fur-buddy was brought into my life.

4. Do you know what you will do with it when you get it? Our subconscious mind is our protector. It helps us sort out what is and is not good for us, as well as keep track of our past-life memories and beliefs. Sometimes when we can’t make something manifest it is because our subconscious mind is getting in the way saying, “Actually Universe, we have no idea why that thing was ordered. Please cancel!” Annoying? Yes. But the subconscious has a point.

I was talking with a lady who had done everything she could to manifest a large sum of money—enough to pay off all her debt and retire early. But even though she was doing everything right, her money never seemed to show up. Finally one day a guide in one of our readings asked her “So what will you do after you get this money? How will you spend your daily life?” Amazingly, she discovered that her daily life was all about making money, paying debt back and coming up with more ideas about how to do those two things. She changed her manifestation to “Teach me how to be rich and happy in my daily life.” Less than six months later she was debt free, and planning her retirement party.

5. Be joyful. This gets overlooked a lot, especially by me. In our day to day lives we often are so focused on the big successes we hope for that we overlook the little ones we already have. When we do this, our stress level goes up, and we start sending out very negative emotions when we think about the big successes we want and why they aren’t here yet. Remember that the Universe will never try to hurt you. So if you’re anxious, angry, and upset when you think of money, why on earth would the Universe send you more of it? If you associate anger and hurt with romance, why would the Universe send more of that either? Hate going to work? Why would the Universe give you another job. Instead, pack as much joy into your life as you can. Force it if you have to. But focus on the feeling of joy when you think about life, when you say your affirmations, and especially when you speak. This will show the Universe that you are ready to receive even bigger, better, brighter things! And you will feel better in the meantime too!

13 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Manifestation Work for You

  1. Irene

    Great article!!!! Remember This or something better is manifesting now!” So you don’t limit the good that Spirit can bring to you.

  2. Constance Mary

    Thank You for This Article. Everytime that I have done affirmations I manifested what I wanted and sometimes I received something much better.

  3. marci

    This makes perfect sense. We have the power to create negative energy, as well. Wasn’t it Socrates who said, “I think, therefore I am.” ? I am the positive force in people’s lives, including my own. Thank you, Regina! This was a great reminder of who I really am-joyous!

  4. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    regina- your point about being in a joyful state of mind is a real game changer in our seeking goals, dreams, desires. great point….

    wonderful article. hi to all…
    Buddha bless,

  5. Stevie

    Great article Regina! I think point number 5 is overlooked so often. The Universe understands feelings more than words or pictures. So you gotta feel GOOD and JOYFUL when you ask.

    Great article 🙂


  6. Onika

    I so agree with all you said about manifesting. We Do have the ability to manifest what we want! It is also important to be specific. The only thing I do differently, is I don’t ask. I thank the universe as if I already have it. For example, If I want a new stove, I would say “thank you universe for the stove you sent me.” As Regina stated, you MUST be in a joyful state of mind, because this will cause you to see it, feel it, own it, and bring it into being. I also find it is important to thank the universe every day for all the wonderful things in your life. Focus on the positive and be thankful.


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