You’re the Key to a Great Psychic Reading!

You’re the Key to a Great Psychic Reading!

The Rules for a Great Psychic Reading

I’ve had psychic intuitions and precognitive dreams since childhood but wasn’t sure what to do with those gifts, until my 14th birthday, when a friend gave me my first Tarot deck and taught me how to use it. After 38 years of practice, I’ve become pretty adept at using the Tarot as a vehicle to focus my gifts of empathy and clairsentience to ferret out information and help clients find the answers that they seek.

An amazing Tarot reading is just a phone call away. Psychic Arwen ext. 6419 is waiting to share some important information with you!

The images on the cards, which psychologist Carl Jung called “universal archetypes,” reflect aspects of our human existence including material, spiritual, intellectual and emotional, as well as various people and situations in our lives. The cards are general and apply to everyone. Therefore, the trick is interpreting how the cards relate to the client’s specific situation and what will be the most likely outcome.

A High Degree of Accuracy

Callers are often impressed by how much information can be revealed in this manner and indeed, a lifetime of education and experience has allowed me to fine-tune Tarot reading to a very high degree of accuracy—for the most part. But I can’t do it alone, which is why I say, “for the most part,” because this is where you, the client, come in!

Your Sincere and Enthusiastic Participation

A familiar deck of cards with beautiful, detailed imagery, along with different kinds of crystals to further clarify and focus the energy, are important tools. But by far the most important factor in a great psychic reading is sincere and enthusiastic participation by the client. Speaking for myself, but I believe most advisors would agree, a great psychic reading is an interactive process. It is not one-sided. The more fully a client is able to participate in that process, the more accurate a reading will be, because my job is to help extract the answers which, in reality, lie within you.

When a Caller is Open

So my first step is to have the caller tell me the nature of their question, and then ask them to concentrate on the people and circumstances involved: e.g., picture the person in your mind, the sound of their voice, the expression on their face, the vibe you got when you looked into their eyes, how you felt when you were near them, etc. I then use my gifts of empathy and clairsentience to tune into that vibe, those feelings and the energy. When the caller is good at being open and concentrating, they are often amazed to find that the cards totally reflect what is happening in their situation! But, I can’t take the credit. It was your energy and effort, and maybe some psychic ability on your part as well, that made the cards align, and you helped me interpret them.

Harmony and Intensity

Some callers are so gifted at tuning in, that the energy they contribute in harmony with mine, enhances my own psychic ability. For example, while I am not a natural clairvoyant, I do have flashes of clairvoyance every now and then, which is something I hope to develop further, and some clients have helped me with this. Confidentiality prevents me from naming anybody, but one caller has such an incredibly strong, clear connection with me that I am actually able to see her! Every time she calls I feel that she is helping me develop clairvoyance, while I help her find the answers to her questions. A psychic connection of that intensity is rare and it requires a high level of openness and trust.

When a Caller is Guarded

By contrast, when a caller is “guarded,” i.e. unable or unwilling to participate openly in the process, my ability to interpret the cards accurately is limited because I can’t easily tune in to their situation. This is especially true when a caller purposely puts up a wall and then asks a question to “test” whether I can obtain the information that they are hiding from me. Some callers who are inexperienced with psychic readings may mistakenly believe that their “holding back” will produce more objective results, but it won’t. In fact, this sort of “mind game” is counterproductive because it undermines the trust and rapport that is necessary in order for me to help you. And that is why, after all, I am a spiritual advisor: to help people.

I don’t play mind games. If you are willing to be sincere and open with me, we will make a great team and you will have a great reading!

Psychic Arwen ext. 6419

2 thoughts on “You’re the Key to a Great Psychic Reading!

  1. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Beautifully written Arwen. An impeccable explanation for all of our CP customers to enjoy and understand.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  2. Quinn ext.5484-Quinn Psychic ext 5484

    Dear Psychic Arwen,
    What a wonderful article. I LOVED your last remark “I don’t play mind games. If you are willing to be sincere and open with me, we will make a great team and you will have a great reading!”

    What precious words of wisdom.
    Thank you,


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