Your Chinese Horoscope: An Exciting, Rocky Ride

An Exciting, Rocky Ride

Chinese Horoscope

This Cock Crowing at Noon month continues through the new moon on October 13, according to your Chinese Horoscope. This exciting, rocky ride (worthy or a rooster’s crowing) continues, offering spiritual and personal opportunities if you take a wise approach.

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On October 13 the Sleeping Dogs guide us, making us dream powerful dreams of running, jumping and speaking. This directs your approach to the remainder of October. Recent challenges have taught you to trust your intuition/gut instincts as you proceed. Combine them with real, responsible activity, and no one can stop you. Your October animal days speak to this integration of inner and outer life. Here is your Chinese Horoscope!



Use the morning to express words of love on October 3. Then spend the afternoon taking a big-picture approach as the Rat on the Mountain. The inspiration you receive in the morning hours of October 15 will guide you as the Rat on the Roof. Use the flow of your work coming together on October 27 as the Field Rat.


Midday on October 4 is the time to push through personal, transformative thoughts and activities as the Ox by the Gate. Talk yourself through any regret or sadness that arises for you as the Sea Ox on the morning of October 16. It’s time to let it go. Use the morning of October 28 to take action as the Lake Buffalo.

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On October 5 take any excess energy or anger and direct it into healthy exercise. Then you’re in control as the Tiger Standing Firm. October 17 is the time to focus energy as the Tiger in the Forest. You feel more freedom to speak on October 29. Use care and kindness as the Tiger Climbs the Mountain.


Take action on your future plans and larger goals on October 6 as the Enlightened Rabbit. As the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon on October 18, use the afternoon/evening to put those dreams into form. On October 30 you are the Rabbit of both Woods and Mountain, when considering both sides serve you.


The passionate day of October 7 offers opportunities to use your amazing new ideas as the Dragon in the Sky. Patience and generosity bring delicious success on October 19 as you’re the Dragon of Pure Virtue. Your compassion serves everyone, including you, on October 31 as the Dragon of Patience.

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Wade through the whirlpool of emotions around you on October 8 as the Snake in the Pool. Once this is done, you’ll be thrilled to see that your communications are beginning to be clear again. October 20 is the day to stand firm and hold to your dreams as the Snake of Happiness.


October 9 is a great day to rebuild, restructure and more clearly communicate your desired future as the Horse in the Stable. Relationships will grow. Your elegant words flow on October 21 as you express innovating new ideas as the Palace Horse.


You are much more focused and able to complete those projects you’ve been avoiding on October 10 as the Sheep in Pasture. Your positive thoughts and words seem to take real form on October 22 as you’re the Lucky Sheep. Go with the flow.


Take time to share yourself and show love and respect for family and friends on October 11 as the Monkey Eating Fruit. Let go of concerns and self-doubt and reap the benefits. Past hard work puts you in a better position on October 23 as the Elegant Monkey.


Today will bring opportunities to let go of old situations that have limited you as the Caged Rooster on October 12 as this Cock Crowing at Noon period ends. Dreams are vivid and emotions high on October 24. Find that balance that allows you to stay grounded while using inspiration as the Barnyard Rooster.

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On October 1 organize all communications and make them clear and heartfelt as the Temple Dog. October 13 brings romantic/artistic inspiration on this potent Watch Dog day/Sleeping Dog month. A change of heart on October 25 works if your commitment is to your spirit on this Guard Dog day.


An active morning on October 2 is a winner if you listen beyond spoken words (as you would to a favorite animal) as you are the Farmer Pig. You are emotionally and physically ready to take action on October 14 as the Pig in the Forest. Use the morning hours of October 26 for work as the Traveling Pig. Then enjoy the rest of the day.

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