How Your Emotions Can Affect Your Psychic Reading

How Your Emotions Can Affect a Psychic Reading | California Psychics

Leading with Emotion

Emotions are powerful things and can have a serious impact on the outcome of situations and the people around us. So, it makes perfect sense to be concerned that when you call in for a psychic reading, whether you’re calling about love, career, or even a past life, that the emotional state of either the reader or yourself, can influence a reading’s outcome. Therefore, many readers will ask you to take a deep breath, relax, and clear your mind, especially if you are already feeling emotional in any way.

How you are feeling during the reading will influence not only what the psychic picks up from you but also what the cards or other tools being used focus on. When you are already convinced that a particular answer is correct, it should not come as a surprise when that is the first thing the reader picks up on. This is why two different readers may have very different responses to give on the same question. Extreme emotions can bleed into the reading and taint the results that you get.

“A client called me a few months back, and she was filled with so much anger and hatred for her ex POI. She wanted him to suffer the way she was currently suffering. She was very blocked and not open to receiving messages from Spirit to help her situation. She had up too many walls, and her emotions were so overwhelming that they blocked anything from coming through. I had her take a few deep breaths and asked her to take a step back to evaluate the emotions that she was feeding off of. Once she calmed down a bit, her walls slowly lowered and I was able to receive what I needed from Spirit to help her. When calling in, it is best to try to keep your emotions in check the best you can so you, the client, can get out of it what you truly need to proceed and make a good decision for yourself. Emotions play a big role in a reading.” Psychic Abby

Staying Open is the Key

Each psychic has their own unique method of reading, even two different Tarot readers will have an approach that is uniquely theirs. A reader can only be as accurate as you allow them to be. Staying receptive, even in the face of news you don’t want to hear is of the utmost importance. If you close yourself up when you are told something that you don’t want to hear, you have effectively ended the reading. If you are fixated on a specific result, there is a good chance that this is what the reader will pick up on. It can be hard to remember that there is always a big picture in all aspects of your life, and even though you can’t see it now, eventually you will learn and understand why things had to play out the way that they did.

How to Ensure a Clean Reading

  • Timing: If you are considering calling immediately after an emotional exchange, take a few minutes to try to detach yourself from your feelings. You don’t have to be devoid of emotion, but you do want to try to set it apart from yourself.
  • Be Present: Be mindful of how you are feeling and thinking during the reading.
  • Breathe: When people are stressed, they tend to hold their breath. This can lead to more stress and can be counterproductive. Psychic Lurlene has some good advice along these lines. “First-time callers usually start of full of anxiety. I try to keep the focus on positive energy for it’s vital to let the caller get comfortable. Sometimes, depending on their anxiety level at this point, I will ask the caller to take a deep breath and reassure them that this will be an amazing experience! I will then ease them into the process, answering any introductory questions they may have, asking them their birthdate, and something they would like to know. Things usually progress smoothly from there.”
  • Be Specific: If you have specific questions, ask them. Not being clear with what you want can put pressure on the psychic to determine what you are after. Specific questions help give your reader a starting point relevant to what you want to know.
  • Minimize ‘Prove It’ Questions and Attitudes: They immediately create barriers and can make it difficult for the reader to connect with you. When a psychic is too concerned about being right, their minds can distort the messages that are receiving. We get a lot of skeptics who call us here at California Psychics. Here’s what Psychic Lurlene has to say about them. “I love the challenge of a skeptic because I believe that what I bring forward will be enough to make them a believer. I always tell the caller that I love their skepticism, because I remember thinking the way they did once upon a time. It helps the caller to relax, be less defensive, and establishes a connection.”
  • Be Respectful: Give your full attention to the reading. Try to be someplace quiet and private so that you are not interrupted or distracted by TVs, barking dogs, or driving. This time is for you.
  • Space Things Out: If you just had a reading yesterday chances are there won’t be much change in a day or so. Being patient is an important aspect of having a reading. Remember, timelines are not always perfect and small things that we (or someone else) do can shift those timelines.
  • Listen: Once you have asked your question, give your reader the time and chance to answer you. A good reader is always working from a place of wanting the best for you and interrupting them can lead to frustration on everyone’s part.
  • Be Open-Minded: Not all readers have the same spiritual paradigms or belief systems as their clients. Bear in mind then, that while your reader will always offer you advice with your best interests and highest purpose in mind, the reading may be based upon their personal belief system, which may not align with your own. It is not meant to foist their beliefs on you, it is just a part of their reading style. If you wish to read with someone who shares your particular faith you can always request that.

Trust and Breathe

Keeping an open mind and heart can be difficult when you are in the middle of a particularly trying or emotional time, but you do both yourself and your advisor a disservice if you are too emotionally wrought. So, take a breath, let the moment wash over you, and trust that your psychic advisor has your back.

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