Red Responds: Tempted By an Ex

Teri from Washington, Utah, writes;

Hi — I have never used a psychic before but have a strong belief in your abilities. I want to ask you a question that has consumed me the last few days. I broke up with my boyfriend of five years about six months ago and began dating someone new. After a few months of dating this new guy, I found that we were not compatible and I also realized that I was still very much in love with my ex-boyfriend.

Lately when I have spoken to him, he tells me that he misses me and still loves me very much, but when I tell him I am again single and joked about dating him again, he says not to count on it. We live in different states. I will be finished with school soon and will be moving back to where he lives, which is where we grew up. I feel that I should keep focused on myself until I get back home, but once I am home, should I then try again with him? I just don’t want to get hurt. I am wondering if I should move on or try to rekindle things with my No. 1 ex? I do think we could really have something special now that we have both had time to grow. But has he grown away from me? Thanks.

Dear Teri,

Thank you for your support and belief in my abilities. I hope that you won’t be too disappointed in what I have to say!

There still is a relatively strong bond between you and your No. 1 ex, but things are looking complicated for a while. Even though the two of you will be talking, I’m not seeing a reconciliation until the end of the year. Each of you does still carry a torch for the other, but the timing is off for a full-blown reunion.

You need to be prepared. Your ex doesn’t look as if he is in a heavy relationship right now, but there is a woman who is not you, who is seriously interested in him. Things could evolve into more of a relationship for him over the summer months with this girl. It looks like one of those things, and experiences, that he is meant to go through. Even though it will be painful for you to know he is with someone else, it is a situation you have to let play out. It is only by continuing to let each other grow that you will find yourselves growing back together.

If you really want him back, you should continue to keep the lines of communication open with him in friendship, but not in direct effort to rekindle the relationship. Since you let him know that you are still interested, you have been and will continue to be more prominently on his mind. But, it’s going to take him some more time to figure out exactly what he wants in a relationship. When he does, and his fears have subsided, he will come to you. Until then, there’s really not a whole lot you can do.

Continue to keep your focus on yourself, and moving forward in your life. Rather than focus on serious relationships, try to be content with dating and having fun. When the timing is right, the relationship you desire with your #1 ex will come.

Brightest Blessings,


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