Red Responds: He Broke Up With Her Over Text

Dear Red,

I was in a relationship for five years and five months – it was a roller coaster ride for me and my boyfriend. We were talking about engagement and getting married after he finished his law studies, but to my surprise, he abruptly left me last January — and did not even talk to me in person! Rather, he texted me that he was leaving without really saying the real reason. My friends told me that it was because he has found a new girl.

I want to know if he will come back to me and if we can start again. I really love this guy! But if not, is there someone for me? When and how will I meet him? Please help me, I’m so confused!

Angelica in Manila



Dear Angelica,

I’m sorry to tell you that your
friends are right, but your ex did find someone new.

Before I answer your other
questions, I would like for you to just take a moment and really think about why
you still love this man. From where
I sit, there’s not a whole bunch about him to like, much less love. I’m not saying that he’s a horrible
person, but in terms of relationships, he has a lot to learn. In the time that you shared with him, he
completely and repeatedly disrespected you on a fairly regular

There is a chance you will see him
again, completely by accident, but it is nothing more than a brief and somewhat
awkward encounter. I don’t see him
being open to exploring any romantic possibilities. He’s changed quite a bit from the person
you knew and loved.

For some people, new love enters
their realm and makes the healing of a broken heart a much easier process. Unfortunately, it seems that you have
some hard work ahead of you in terms of healing the hurts that cling to you from
this relationship. Until you learn
to let go and move on with confidence, your special someone seems to be held at
bay. It’s almost as if the Universe
knows that you’re in a very fragile and vulnerable state, and is protecting you
from making a huge mistake.

I do see some light dating for you
in the course of the next four months, but not that ultimate love you are hoping
for. We tend to attract what we
project. Your future husband will
come into the picture just about when you’ve given up on finding someone to
share your life with; because that is when you really start loving

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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