Red Responds: Getting and Keeping a Job

Claudine in Montclair writes:

I’ve read that my chart has all these favorable positions for
happiness and financial bliss. Yet as long as I could remember, getting
and keeping a job has been a problem for me. It is as if I am being
punished by being completely dependent on someone else financially – I
would much rather be independent.

Even when I attempt to be interdependent, it still doesn’t work out for me. I have a degree, but something always interferes with my career goals. I even took a technical course a few years back, but nothing much came from that. I’ve wanted, for some time, to go back to school and study nursing, but I am afraid because of my past luck. I will probably end up with a bill, and no job!

I am currently in an 11-year relationship, and we have beautiful children. He has been the one taking care of me and the children for most, if not all, of those years. I have been by his side for hospital stays, operations and as a silent supporter to help him rise to the top of his field. He appreciated it at the time, but the time has passed and I don’t feel completely valued. I know it is because of my lack of financial resources.

He is able to continue taking care of us, but my help would make it less stressful for him – and I don’t want him to be stressed. Yet it seems to me that career-wise and financially my luck is nonexistent. This problem has been taking a very bad toll on our relationship for a while now. What’s wrong?

Dear Claudine,

Sometimes, we have to create our own luck in life. All of the astrological blessings in the sky aren’t going to help you when you keep giving up. You are very good at starting things, but you have a tendency to allow life to get in the way. Rather than juggle responsibilities, you have permitted yourself to set your aspirations and goals aside. If you can learn how to balance career and life without throwing in the towel when things get tough, you can create the success that you crave.

Work and money stresses are a heavy burden to bear, and they tend to interfere with relationships. While this is part of what has been wearing down your relationship, your apparent unhappiness isn’t helping things. Your man doesn’t value you less because you aren’t working, even though it would change things for the better if you were. Through his eyes, your happiness or unhappiness is completely defined by him. He worries about you, himself and the kids.

If you really want to go back to school, you can make it happen, and find a job along with the bill at the end. However, because you’re a bit beaten and low when it comes to your self-image and esteem, you may want to consider taking things more slowly.

Going from wife and mother back into the work arena would be good for you, but you don’t have to jump in “with both feet.” My guides are screaming that you should look for something part-time, which would be an easier adjustment for you all. You have great strength and potential for success in the medical field, and it is in this arena that you can get some training while you are on the job.

I see you in a smaller hospital or clinic, and it looks as if you will start out in hospice care. (It may actually be an elder-care facility.) Working as what I believe to be a CNA is going to expose you to a lot of areas and avenues to advance your career, and it will also boost your ego and rebuild your self-esteem.

It’s not the easiest or most glorious job, but you will do a lot of good for a lot of people, and that will make you feel good. Your happiness and personal successes will overflow into your relationship, and it will begin to heal as well. The extra money you will be bringing in will help, but that just seems like a bonus.

Eventually, you will make the leap and go back to school for your Nursing degree, and you will choose to focus on some surgical specialty. That is a couple of years away for you, but holding off is a decision you won’t regret. Your family will be supportive, and you will be quite proud – because you will fully understand that when you make your own luck, you are no longer living under some kind of dark cloud.

Good luck,
Ext. 9226

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