Red Responds: The Healing Current

Patrick from Great Bend writes:

About four years ago, I had started working with a native healer on spiritual issues in my life. I was moving to a new home on the river here. I met a Lenape (Delaware) grandmother, one who tells ancient tales to the children. She went into a “trance” and started telling me many things that would happen in my life and which subsequently did.

The last thing she said to me was, “You think you are going there to heal yourself, but there are wounds to the Earth Mother there, and you will heal them and in doing this, heal yourself.” She then said there is a healing current there in the river. I have not been able to find anyone who could tell me about this current and was wondering if you could help.

Dear Patrick,

I wish I had some profound and verifiable words of wisdom to impart, but I don’t. I am getting bits and pieces of information, but not necessarily enough to make a whole lot of rational sense. But, I will tell you what I see… maybe it will make sense to you.

The healing current in the river appears to be the river, not some undercurrent or tributary. There is a place by your house where the river is wider, and seems to flow more slowly. There is something sacred about this area, but on the shore rather than in the water bed. It doesn’t look like this land is private, because it is accessible to you. There is nothing there, just rocks, a patch of tall grass, sticky mud and dirt – but doesn’t feel lush or fertile. It is a place where blood has fallen to the ground, possibly yours, in another life. If I were you, I would check into the history of the area, and see if you can pinpoint an area of tragedy or battle. You are karmically tied to this land and water somehow, and the key to healing (both for you and the Earth Mother) is in discovering the past.

Find this place, learn of your karmic history, and you will understand more of what the Grandmother said. While the river does not come across as heinously polluted, it is touched by industry and the recklessness of the modern day. There may be something you discover, or something that you can start or do, to help in this arena – which naturally would be healing to the Earth Mother. We do use and abuse her gifts, and though tolerant, the land and nature suffers.

I really wish I could be of more help. I am fascinated, and would love it if you can share your discoveries, when you discover them. I would suggest that you schedule a reading with Gina Rose (9500), Karen (9171), or another psychic skilled in the art of Channeling. Look through the site, or talk with Customer Service, and choose someone who resonates well with you. Chances are good that a conversation with someone on the “other side” will reveal much more of what you need to know.

Good luck!
Ext. 9226

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