Red Responds: She Worries too Much

Mary in Camden writes:

I am working as a sub bus driver for a local school district. I really like what I do and hope for a permanent position by next school year and have made this known to my supervisors. I have since agreed to take on some additional side work working the midnight shift for the balance of this month and all of next month.

This will limit my availability for short notice morning bus driving since I will already be working for someone else finishing up the midnight shift. I am worried this will backfire in my face with the bus driving. I am worried that if I am available less that they may select someone else for the next permanent position but hubby seems to feel this can work in my favor. He seems to feel that my supervisor will offer me the permanent position in fear of losing me. I already feel that I have some new competition since a new sub driver has recently been hired and she has roots in this area whereas I do not since we are new to the area. What do you think?

Dear Mary,

Your hubby is right – you worry too much.

Your supervisor has a very favorable opinion of you, and is aware of your desire to have a permanent full-time position driving. The fact that you have taken on side work is going to work to your benefit. It further demonstrates your sincerity in wanting steady employment.

The other sub driver really isn’t presenting as competition. While she would accept a permanent position if it was offered to her, she seems to be content as an active sub. Even though she may have roots in the area, you don’t have any discord or enemies. Besides, you have proven your capability, and have requested to be considered for any openings. It seems as if they hire on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is only if you would refuse that the position would be offered to the other woman.

It is understood that you are working a midnight shift, but that doesn’t necessarily exclude you from being considered for any short notice driving. Just make sure they have your cell number so you don’t miss the calls! I see less than a handful of opportunities, so it’s not like you are going to be declining these opportunities except for when they fall outside of the guidelines or laws.

Just keep doing what you’ve been doing, and you’ll be fine. While there aren’t any openings just yet, you are already at the top of the list.

Good luck!
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