Red Responds: Her Taurus Experience

Elaine in Peabody writes:

I am a Libra who got a taste of her first earth sign, a Taurus, in 2007. It was the strongest physical connection I’ve ever had, having been with mostly Aquarians who aren’t generally big on physical affection. I’m so grateful for the experience with my Taurus man because he helped me to feel good again and enjoy being alive after losing my husband five years ago.

I’m sure some of the passion was due to the newness and uncertainty of the situation, and I believe my comfort level with him was due to a past life connection. But it has made me want more of the same in a future relationship. I know and enjoy the fact that every relationship is unique, so is that an unrealistic desire? I never knew what I was missing! And I don’t know whether that was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or if I can (or should) have something similar again. I’m seeking a dose of reality here!

Dear Elaine,

Your desires are far from unrealistic, but it is going to be a while before you find the relationship you seek. Until then, I see you playing hit-or-miss as you enjoy, and struggle, with the dating game.

Your Taurus experience does bear karmic ties, and he was meant to wake you up. Sure, the newness and uncertainty added to the passion, but he also helped you to learn to express yourself and your desires more freely. This is something you needed to experience personally in order to accept that relationships like this really do exist. That was the point and purpose of this relationship – it never was meant to be anything permanent or long-term.

While some relationships are bound to be more passionate and exciting than others, there is no reason to settle for anything less than bliss. Bliss comes in a great variety of packages, and Sun Signs. While he is still a few years away from you, you will meet (and possibly marry!) a man who intellectually stimulates you, erotically excites you, and emotionally supports you. You may be thinking Taurus, but I’m getting more of a Virgo vibe.

Until you meet him, keep doing things as you have been. Enjoy each relationship for what it brings, knowing that one is coming that will make your skin tingle and your heart sing.

Brightest Blessings!
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