Red Responds: Hating Her Job

Asviinii in Singapore writes:

I am planning to have a career change. Been a teacher for ten years and I hate my job. I want to follow my heart and do something that will earn me lots of money, career satisfaction and a promotion. Which career should I choose?

Dear Asviini,

You say you want to follow your heart, so where is your heart leading you? That’s really the first thing you’ve got to figure out. It seems as if you know a heck of a lot more about what you don’t want, than what you do want. Take some time and think about it, and allow your mind to wander. Eventually your spirit will lead you to conclude what exactly it is that you should do.

As you already know, you would have made one heck of an attorney, or some kind of liaison or diplomat. While either of these choices would ultimately create the image, income, and satisfaction you desire — your impatience is showing. Just know that if you were to focus, and embrace the sacrifice of time, either of these options would be excellent for you. Consider it more of a potential long-term goal. It keeps popping up as a calling that you chose to ignore.

In the mean time, your greatest changes toward success are a bit less academic, and much more artistic. Even though it will take time to start generating the income you desire, you would find satisfaction and promotion if you geared your efforts toward the entertainment industry. While you will need some training and a little luck, you can do quite well for yourself as a make-up artist, costumer, set designer, or working in graphic arts.

Your real challenge, Asviini, is in accepting that there will be a level of initial sacrifice in order to achieve your desires. It looks as if you will continue drudging along as a teacher for at least another year, while your head and heart struggle to find alignment. At this point, I can only tell you what your potential paths are. How your career unfolds will be a direct result of what you decide you are willing to do.

Brightest Blessings,


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