Red Responds: A Powerful Dream

Jenny in Los Angeles writes:

Someone I went to school with and recently was back in touch with did something really wonderful for me, which I was touched and slightly bewildered by! I thought, too bad I didn’t realize how great he was when we lived in the same city. On New Year’s Day, I had a very vivid dream that ended with me coming home to this man and our two sons. Normally I wouldn’t give it any thought, but what spooked me is the detail – I knew their names, I still remember how their hair felt under my hand, how they looked, even how they smelled. Can you give me some insight into this?

Dear Jenny,

Some dreams are so powerful and detailed that it can take a moment upon waking to realize it was a dream, and not a moment of conscious reality! Sounds like you had one of those dreams.

Even though you do shine through with a bit of the “psychic twinkle,” your dream isn’t hitting me as a detail-specific prophecy. Elements of it are correct – you will be married, and I also see the two boys. The house you came home to is coming through as all wrong, even though it contains elements that feel familiar to you. But the big detail is the man.

Your children’s father may share some of the qualities of your school-days friend, it does not appear to me that he is the same man. Even though it looks like you will be keeping in touch with your kind-hearted schoolmate, logistics and career paths seem to be taking you two in different directions. These are challenges that can certainly be overcome, but I just don’t see the two of you working to make this happen.

It’s a beautiful dream that will one day be an even more beautiful reality. The feelings you experienced in your subconscious state will become part of your daily life. But, the man you come home to will be a little taller, and have thick, dark hair and hazel eyes.

Brightest Blessings!
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