Red Responds: He Uses Energy to Attract Women

MC in Stowe writes:

A friend told me to watch who floats in and out of my outer circle of friends for they are there for a reason. Years ago, the corporate boss, several years younger, hit on me. Unlike some of his other conquests, I was able to hold my own and resist. I believe he uses energy to attract women.

After I left my job, he asked to keep in touch as friends. I have asked and found we have had 17 past lives. I only know of 12 and he was always a male. I was the victim or perceived victim in most. In this life, after losing his job, he moved within 45 miles of my extended family. I have not met or run into him. We only trade emails several times a year. Why is he on the fringes of my life? Is there any significance to this interaction?

Dear MC,

Most of the people we cross paths with in life hold some kind of significance, even those that come and go in a blink of an eye. Typically, those who keep reappearing do hold a higher level of importance, usually because of some level of karmic debt or opportunity.

From what I can see of your “this life” interaction with this guy, you have been doing well to create a level of balance for past-life issues. By avoiding his romantic advances you did exercise your right of personal power – power that you chose to, or were positioned to surrender, in past lives. This time around, at the critical moment, you saved yourself from being placed in a more subservient position. Kudos!

While it may take several years, there is a strong possibility that you will see him again face-to-face. This occurrence isn’t presenting as a big deal, just an opportunity for the two of you to exchange a few pleasantries and go along your merry way. Think of it as the Universe giving you the chance to look at him and know that you made the right decisions.

If you enjoy the limited email exchange, roll with it. If you don’t, then there is no need to continue. I have nothing that says one option is a better path than the other – it simply comes down to what you want to do.

Because of your choices and actions, this man may be on the fringes of your life, but unless you invite him in, he isn’t presenting as significant in the fabric of your world.

I hope this helps!
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