Red Responds: Will It Lead to Something This Time?

Anonymous in Kelowna writes:

I have tried for several years to get a job at the local university. It has to do with increasing their student population by recruiting students from other countries. In the past I have made suggestions, sent written proposals as suggested by them. My ideas have been used. However, I have never been contacted. Recently, I made another contact, and thought I was getting somewhere with this man, but he is leaving his post and I found he had not made any effort to promote me or my ideas.

While leaving his office, I accidentally ran into the head of the department. She greeted me and said I should bring my “plans” to her. I know I can help these people, but am really tired of the shabby treatment I have received from them. If I send her my proposal again, will it lead to something this time? Or should I try some other approach… or just forget about them? Any light you can shed on this will help me and my family greatly. I need a well paying job in order to support my children and I.

Dear Anonymous,

You would think that a University would recognize that you would be an asset to their cause, but sometimes education gets in the way of common sense. Furthermore, gaining a position with them is similar to an election – there seems to be quite a lot of politics involved.

If you really want to work with them, you need to change your approach, and your proposal. Quite frankly, you are giving too much information and not enough sales pitch. Revise your proposal to reflect the results you will generate, without outlining all of your plans and intentions. Meet with your latest contact and give her enough information to hold her interest, while directing the conversation toward setting up a meeting with the board.

You also may want to research and contact influential alumni to assist you in this endeavor. It is only when you have the attention of several officials connected with the University that you have the opportunity to gain recognition, and the chance for an unsecured but paying position. It won’t be easy, but the situation isn’t hopeless.

What I see happening is less than ideal, but at least it is a start. What you can create is an opportunity to prove your worth and ability that may transition into a staff position or job. It will be a lot of work without a lot of gratitude, but you will be able to generate enough results to have a position created for you. Unfortunately, the whole process and endeavor (which spans a two-year period, should you decide to do it) doesn’t seem like it is quite what you have in mind for yourself.

Your passions can lead you to victory, but the rewards are certainly going to be hard won.

Good luck!
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