Red Responds: 23 and Stressed Out

Kristine in Long Island writes:

I am only 23 years old and I was wondering if that is too young to feel as stressed out about almost every aspect of my life as I do? I graduated college about a year ago and I don’t know where my direction career wise is going. I had a boyfriend for 4-1/2 years and we broke up in September. I am fine without him, however, the man that entered my life after him I feel as if I can’t get him out of my mind and he is so confusing.

We haven’t talked for two months and I have only known him for six months, how could I feel this way about him when I didn’t even have that hard of a time getting over my ex of 4-1/2 years? Do I have a significant connection with him or something? Also, sometimes I feel so alone, I have a great family and friends but it doesnt feel like enough, I am so confused! Please help me. Also my parents are having some difficulties and I was hoping they would be okay. Please help I am only 23 why do I feel so stressed? I don’t sleep well anymore.

Dear Kristine,


Unfortunately, stress doesn’t discriminate – it can attack at any age.


It seems like you are in a very transitional period of your life, and while I’ll help you as best as I can, I keep getting that there are astrological forces at work. Because of this, I very strongly encourage you to have your Natal Chart run and interpreted, because that is going to give you clarity and insight beyond what I can do for you here. You may want to try Mystic at ext. 9213, Phillip at ext. 9485, or Jill at ext. 9302.


You seem like you are in limbo right now, and that is always stressful. Do what you can to try and keep things simple by focusing on individual areas of your life separately. It seems like you keep thinking about everything at once, and that can become very overwhelming.


It is going to take you a while before you find your career niche, but you will. Now that you have finished school, you need to evaluate exactly what direction you wish to steer your professional life. If you can, have a profile done that will reflect exactly what arenas in which you will excel. A career counseling service would be a good place to start, because there are many ways you can apply your education. I see you taking a position in a fast-paced environment, complete with cushy offices and boardrooms. It is through a career service that you will find this opportunity, and begin your ascent up the ladder of success.


When it comes to your heart, you were ready for your relationship with your boyfriend to come to an end. It had served its purpose and run its course. The same cannot be said for the man who currently plagues your mind. He may not have been a rebound guy, but it does seem like you, unfortunately, were the rebound girl. While there were good aspects to this relationship and some pretty vital energy, he isn’t at that place where he really wants a stable relationship.

You didn’t do anything wrong, and that sometimes makes endings a bit harder to accept. If you really allow yourself to think about him honestly, there was chemistry and attraction, but not true love. There’s nothing about you that says you were planning the rest of your life around him, when you were with him, so the best thing you can do is try and figure out what is so great about him now. You’re going to come up a little empty, and that realization will help you to begin to let go and move on.


We all feel alone sometimes, even when surrounded by our family and friends. When life isn’t the way we want it, or had planned, that feeling can be amplified. It’s not uncommon. It’s what you do about it that matters.


Because all of this is physically affecting you, it would be wise of you to talk to your doctor or a therapist. They can help you learn how to deal with the stress and anxiety that is keeping you up at night. Lack of sleep certainly has a negative affect on our emotional balance, and the lack of balance is costing you sleep. There is no need to perpetuate this cycle, especially when there is help available.

Good luck to you,
Ext. 9226

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