Red Responds: Will He Sell the Truck?

Bernard in Tyro writes:

I recently underwent open heart surgery. I have been out of work for five months. I was self employed and tried to go back to work as a truck driver. I have put my truck up for sale because I can’t physically hold up to the long hours. We are financially getting low on money. Do you see me finding a buyer for my truck and can you tell me what line of work I might need to pursue?

Dear Bernard,

It takes a long time to heal from major surgery, and even longer to get used to the fact that life will never be quite the same.


While I hope I am wrong, and that your truck is sold sooner, I see that your deal will close by mid-April. It will be a little hard for you to watch it go.


If I were you, I would talk to your doctors about helping you get on at least partial disability. It will take a bit of effort and most likely one rejection, but there are government funds available to you.


Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled, because you will find an opportunity for work. I’m not sure if it is a temporary position that will hire you on at a later date, or a part-time position that will later become full-time, but either way, you’ll be earning an income once again.


While the glory and freedom of life on the road is behind you, your future work definitely benefits from your professional experience. The setting may not be glorious, no cushy office to go with the job, but the paycheck and benefits are decent. If I had to put a label on the position title, I would say a dispatcher of some kind. I see you scheduling, contacting drivers, and at times observing at a warehouse or loading area.


It seems to be a larger company or establishment, because you will move up in the ranks and titles. While it is different, the stress makes you feel productive, and it isn’t so hard on the body that you feel like you are killing yourself.


I hope this helps to put your mind at ease, and expedites your physical recovery. Financially, the sale of your truck more than holds you over, and working and some wise investments will heal the rest of your financial pain.

Brightest Blessings!
Ext. 9226

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