Red Responds: Who Was This Ghost?

Debbie in Lindenwold writes:

Years ago I saw what I thought was a “ghost.” Now I look back on that night and realize that what I saw was important to me in some way. It was a young male – looked to be in his 20’s. I saw his face clearly. He was shrouded in white. He looked to be tall and thin, chiseled face, with dark to black hair. I was physically paralyzed absorbing what I was seeing, and yet neither my ex nor my daughter saw what I did. I think back on this daily and wonder if maybe he is my guardian angel or guide. Most of all I want desperately to know his name! Can you tell me what it was that I experienced that evening? Was he trying to tell me something about where I am today, that he will always be by my side? What are your thoughts about this?

Dear Debbie,


It does seem that you did see one of your spirit guides, but not one of your “main” guides. This one pops up when you are most in need, but otherwise is off… handling other business.


The mere fact that you saw him as a full-body apparition is incredibly significant. He wanted you to see him. I’m really glad that you held on to the memory, and intuitively knew that it was important. One day, you will see him again. When you do, you will pay attention. That was the whole point.


Unfortunately, (and I am just being honest) I suck when it comes to names. On rare occasions, I do get a name, but I could probably count on my fingers the number of times the name I got was precisely right. So, for what it’s worth, the name I am getting is not a name that is common today. Furthermore, it feels as if it is, or is derived from, the Egyptian culture. The name I am getting is: “ABEL.” What this means to you, is that if you ever learn his name, it most likely will contain those letters, or in some fashion rhyme with Abel, but Abel is probably not his name.


Many of our psychics are great with name accuracy – you may want to call Customer Service for a referral. Otherwise, many people can learn of, or make contact with, their Angels and Guides through dreams. Ask him to tell you his name, or what he wants you to call him through your dreams. It may take some time, but chances are good that you will get the information you seek.


Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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