Red Responds: A Brief Connection On the Dance Floor

Marie in Roc writes:

I was at a New Year’s Eve party and kept coming across this man on the dance floor – I didn’t even get his name. When the opportunity arose to find out who he was, out I ran. I really want to find him again. I think he is employed at the place we were at, but I’m not sure if I should try to find him.

Dear Marie,

There are times in this life when we have the opportunity to meet and briefly connect with a person, but not all connections are ones we should keep.

There are quite a few faces that you repeatedly ran into at this party – but this guy’s face is the one that caught your attention. Had you handled things differently at the time, you would have made his acquaintance and a brief connection would have been made.

If you make it a mission to find out who he is, it will be a bit of a challenge. While I don’t see that as enough reason to try and stop you, I do want you to understand that I have absolutely nothing that tells me you should try and find him. The man in question isn’t looking to build any kind of lasting relationships at the moment – his heart still belongs to a woman from his past.

While it is possible that you will run into him once again in this life, the connection again will be brief. If I were you, I’d chalk this situation up to experience, and move on with your life. Tracking him down isn’t going to bring about any dynamic changes for you, and if he really wanted to know who you were, he could have easily obtained that information at the party.

I don’t really see this situation as a “missed opportunity” for you. Sometimes strangers pass in the night…and remain strangers, with only memories and theories of what might have been.

Good luck,
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