Red Responds: She Wants to Leave This In the Dust

Marchelle in Las Vegas writes:

In the last year my soulmate was killed and so, with the hope of new beginnings, I relocated to Las Vegas with a solid job in place. I ended up working for Satan (seriously) am now laid off and trying to keep my sense of humor, my finances and spirit from being crushed. To add insult to injury a powerful man has offered to “take care of me” (not an option). Please, if you can, give me some insight. I am strong and want to leave this in the dust but feel overwhelmed to say the least. Thank you, Red. My birthday is 2-27-63.

Dear Marchelle,

I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you, Girlfriend.

You’re not kidding when you say that you are strong. Truth is, you are even stronger than you think. As for your sense of humor, I’d have to say that it is beautifully sarcastic and wonderfully intact. It is definitely going to help to see you through.

Getting laid off by the antichrist – while inconvenient – is ultimately a blessing. Sin City may be a tough town, but it offers you the opportunity for even greater success by forcing you to take some risks. It’s time to step a little further off the path of traditional security and follow your creative intuition. While I’m not seeing your name in lights on a marquise just yet, I do know that your name will become more widely known – and not because you’re “being taken care of.” No, you are going to work your way into a position of respect and recognition – simply because of your dominant spirit and persevering attitude.

For the moment, you do need to be cautious of your financial situation. I know that it is hard with the holidays coming, but do what you need to do – because it is going to be roughly two months before you are back in the “solid” paycheck game. I do see that you will be working again before the end of the year, but it is an interim job – in a field that is beneath your qualifications as well as your potential. In truth, I think you accept the position simply to kill time while you search for “real” work.

Your future, and the “big bucks” are definitely attached to the entertainment industry. (Don’t worry – you’re not twirling around a pole.) Your success is somehow encompassing writing, media and management. One thing is going to lead to another for you, and it all seems to start in late January or early February.

In the meantime, why don’t you spend some time with family and friends? Seems like that would really help to balance you out, and give you that energy infusion you are looking for. You could use a bit of a break. It’s not surrender – just a short period to recover.

I hope that this helps you. I would also like to thank you for writing. Even though you may feel like you’re in need of a little guidance, what you have shared spreads the seeds of motivation and inspiration to us all.

Brightest Blessings!
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