Red Responds: Too Much In Common?

Dawn in Indianapolis writes:

I am about to leave my husband of 17 years for the man I have been having an affair with. We share so much in common – perhaps too much. This is sometimes worrisome for me. Do you think that we will compliment each other, or will our bad traits be exaggerated? I enjoy reading your column and hope you can help me as you have helped others. Thanks, Red!

Dear Dawn.

You are facing some huge life changes and have all the uncertainty that comes with the process. Sometimes you just have to step back and take a deep breath, remembering how you came to this crossroads, and how you came to your conclusions.

As your new relationship becomes more consolidated, the two of you will figure out how to effectively work together as a couple. The fact that you two share so much in common – even personality traits – makes this union very complimentary. It is because of this that even the less positive traits you share aren’t coming through as too problematic, simply annoying at times.

Really, it’s rather comical. Each of you is already worrying about problems and issues that have not yet presented, and may never present.

Embrace the new life that lies ahead of you. You deserve it!

Brightest Blessings,
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