Red Responds: Mr. Taurus is a Little too Nice

Lola Bella in Saint Paul writes:

After several years of dating “bad men” after my divorce, I recently met someone who interests me a lot. I am a Capricorn, he’s a Taurus. He has been taking this very slowly, which is fine and very new to me, however I have no sense if he is really “that into me” or not. We have great conversations, are on the same page on so many aspects of our lives, but I cannot get a sense if this is going anywhere. What do you think? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Red.

Dear Lola,

Mr. Taurus presents as a really nice guy – sometimes maybe even a little too nice.

The two of you are really compatible, and can enjoy a great friendship. While he does enjoy your company and there is a mild chemistry between the two of you, he does not present with that “swept off his feet” feeling.

This man has a true romantic heart. He wants to be overwhelmed by love, lost in chemistry and emotion. He is treading lightly with you, hoping that the torrent of feeling will come. His logical mind tells him that it is a possibility, because you do fit the description and have the characteristics of the woman he has been looking for.

I would advise you to enjoy this relationship while it lasts, but do not set yourself up for heartache. I have no sense of this relationship progressing in romantic intensity. He wants to feel it, and doesn’t quite understand why he is not.

Even though this relationship will not give you the happy ending you are looking for, it is still worth enjoying. Think of him as a reminder from the Universe that there are good men out there.

You may have found a Prince among the pond of frogs, but with a little more searching and patience, you will find yourself one day kissing your King.

Brightest Blessings,

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