Red Responds: New House, Old House

Ruth from Pine Plains writes:

I love reading your advice… we just bought a new home in a new town and haven’t sold our old home yet. We will be financially strapped if we don’t sell our old one. Will we be selling it soon? I’m really stressing about it. Plus, was our buying a new home a good decision? I guess I’m feeling really overwhelmed with everything. My birthday is 10/16/67. Thanks for your help.

Dear Ruth,

While you may be questioning your decision about moving at the time, it was a good choice. The move seemed to have created a pathway for a better life. You are going to be happy there, once all things have settled down.

I’d tell you to quit stressing out, but I don’t think you’d listen. So, I’m just going to remind you that stressing out doesn’t help anything, it just creates more stress.

This is huge transition and even under “perfect” circumstances you would be feeling a bit overwhelmed. It is always an expensive and stressful time. But it is a time you will get through and the day will come where you barely remember how stressful it was.

Hang in there, Ruth. Relief is coming. It looks like your buyer will be finding you in June. Just keep the faith and you’ll make it just fine. Everything seemed to “click” together to make this move happen for you and the fates aren’t going to fail you now.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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