Red Responds: Just a Holiday Fling?


I met this gorgeous man on holiday recently and I’m very attracted to him. I have now returned home, but we have kept in contact and he’s constantly on my mind. He would like me to visit him soon, but we are continents apart and it is difficult to get time off work.

Red, do I have a long term future with this man or should I put our relationship down to a holiday fling?

I really enjoy reading your column and hope that you can find the time to provide me with some insight into my dilemma.

Warm Regards,
Sandra in London

Dear Sandra,

There is a powerful attraction and connection between you and this man, but the logistical issues are presenting to be a problem to this relationship.

Long distance relationships always come with a unique set of challenges, and your situation is no different. Even though I do see the two of you maintaining contact with one another, time and distance are going to erode the intensity and feasibility of a long-term romance.

Cherish this relationship for the joy that it brings and for all the emotions and brighter outlook on life that this man has inspired in you. However, keep yourself in check. Neither one of you is in the position to be jet-setting to the other on a regular basis; which is going to restrict growing and cementing this romance.

This is more than just a “holiday fling”. Even though there are limits to the romance, a long-term friendship is in the offing.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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