Red Responds: A Lover for Life

Dear Sweet Red,

I am at a crossroads in life. I was born July 14, 1963. It is important to me to know if one of the two men I care about now will be my lover for life. And if so, which one? One is born July 20, 1957 and the other was born August 16, 1959.

I also need to know if I will pass an upcoming exam, if my career will change, and if you see me moving soon. Will my life get easier or will I always be alone, have difficult challenges of family, relationships, and finances? I have never had so little direction in my life! I have so many decisions to make and I am feeling lost!

Thank you so much.

Dear Annette,

While I cannot promise you eternity, Mr. 1957 seems to be the man who will wear the mantle, “the love of your life”. There is much happiness between the two of you, but one of you will survive the other. As for which one and how long? Sometimes I think we are not to know. But it isn’t about how many years you share, it’s about how you share them.

As far as your test goes, things are looking like you’ll have cause to celebrate! You will eventually have a change in career, but that’s looking like a minimum of six months away. This career change will have a positive effect on your financial arena, breaking the cycle you seem to keep experiencing. Professionally, things will blossom for you.

Your personal relationships always seem to be a bit challenging… you may want to redefine your boundaries and work on communication skills with the people you want to keep in your life. I’m not implying that you are the problem, there just seems to be quite some defensiveness that comes about between you and the people close to you. Even though it is a shared responsibility, someone has to be the first to adapt.

While your life doesn’t seem like it is ever going to be completely free and easy, no one’s is and things will get easier. Your later years will be much more harmonious and happy.

I’m sorry I can’t go in depth on all areas of you life for you in this column; but I do hope I’ve helped you at least a bit with some of the bigger issues.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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