Red Responds: Look Closer to Home?

Dear Red,

I am an Aries, turning 50 this year on April 13th. I’m interested in knowing what 2007 has to offer with regards to my career and finances. In addition, for the past year I’ve been in a long distance relationship and it satisfies both of our needs for the moment. Will this develop into something more permanent or should I look closer to home for a relationship? I feel that this is the year where I will have many transitions in my life, all for the better, and that many changes will be necessary to accomplish my goals. Am I right?


Dear Julie,

Well, Happy 50th!

Just in general, 2007 seems to have some funky energy about it that is pushing all of us to take a step forward in our personal journeys. I think we’re all in store for some blessings to balance out the hardships of the last couple years.

There is a fairly humorous lesson in the air in 2007. All of you Aries out there, pay attention, because this lesson will touch you at some point this year; to varying degrees. We are going to be forced to experience “going with the flow”, rather than creating it. Yep. That ugly “patience” word, as well as learning how to relinquish a bit of control. It’s a challenge, one most of us will repeatedly resist, but we’ll eventually get it. Hey, we have an excuse: it is contrary to our nature.

Keeping that lesson in mind, whatever seeds you planted last year in terms of your career will bear its fruit in the coming months. This is a prime example of that whole “going with the flow” thing. While there is professional advancement in store for you around mid-summer, I’m not seeing any huge career changes in terms of title or position. That seems a bit odd, because you are definitely in store for financial gain, and I’m not talking about a cost of living raise. What I am being told is “financial reward”.

Financially, things will be improving for you throughout the course of the year. However, this is just the beginning. The next three years are going to be very beneficial to you on the monetary plane.

Looking at your relationship, it looks as if it is going to have a sudden surge for the better. Now really isn’t the time to put a whole lot of energy into it, because the changes come from your partner when you least expect it. It is “okay” for the time being, but you will be faced with the option of furthering it to a more permanent and advanced level. Also, there is an old flame who is going to track you down sometime in the spring. This actually may be the catalyst that reignites the fire in your current relationship, but I cannot say that for sure.

You are so right at looking at this year as one of transition. Many of your self-proclaimed “failures” of the past will prove to be triumphs in 2007. As an Aries myself, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the concept that sometimes success comes following surrender, but it’s definitely showing up as a theme. We are not supposed to quit trying, but we are being guided to quit repeatedly beating our heads against the wall and trust that things will fall into place.

Brightest Blessings,
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