Red Responds: He Prefers Thinner Women

Dear Red,

I have been having an online/phone relationship with this man I met through E-harmony for 7 months now. We talk often, spending hours on the phone. I want to meet in person and see if we can turn this into a real relationship but he’s more hesitant. I believe because of my weight — he prefers thinner women. I want to know if there is any chance of this being the true relationship I want. I’m having trouble getting past this guy and having interest in other potential men. Thank you.

– Laurie in Palm Bay

Dear Laurie,

I feel as if there is a pretty strong bond between you and this gentleman.

However, his hesitancy to meet you in person doesn’t really feel like it has anything to do with your appearance. The cause I’m getting is more past baggage and the need to keep himself out of any situation that could lead to a more defined relationship.

Because you are not the only woman he is currently talking to, accept this relationship as friendship for now, because that is where it is. And it is a good friendship. Eventually you will meet him face to face and things could grow from there, if you’re still interested. I’m seeing that it is more than likely that it will be your decision to keep it at friends.

Relationships don’t always come when we want them, usually they come when we’re not looking. I know it’s hard, but try to open yourself to the other men who will present that are more interested in chasing you romantically now and less interested in playing with your head.

Brightest blessings,

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