Red Responds: A Sincere Desire


I have never consulted a psychic before but I have been very struck by your answers and decided to try writing.

I have had two failed marriages but continue to be very close to my second ex-husband. I spend time around him because he is a good friend and fun and my daughters regard him as their father.

I know he hopes that we will someday remarry. I can’t see that ever happening as we have never been able to resolve any major problems. He continues to try to mentor me and try to make my decisions for me.

Is there someone out there for me with whom I can have a good, loving, trusting relationship? Maybe I am just kidding myself that it is possible for me to have one like that, but I would sincerely like to.


Dear Elizabeth,

Your ex husband is one heck of a guy, but I do see what you mean. Because of his need to be very Alpha Male, there really is only so far this relationship can go. He is not going to change, or change the way he communicates with you. It seems as if the control factor is way too ingrained in who he is for him to step back a bit and see the effect this has on you.

Eventually he will come to terms with the fact that you two will never again be man and wife, but there seems to be a lifelong bond between the two of you. So, the relationship will flux and change, but the friendship with various levels of love will remain.

Don’t look at your past marriages as failures! They were quite successful until they evolved to the point when terminating the vows became necessary. Just because a relationship or marriage does not outlast time, does not mean that it shouldn’t have happened or was a failure. It’s all part of the experience that teaches us, defines us, and enlightens us.

Looking toward the future, I see you will be caught between two loves. Surprisingly, I think one of the two is your second ex-husband. He really doesn’t fade too far from you at any point in this life. Even though it will be a difficult time, for you have feelings and loyalty toward both of these men, this other guy is also a divorcee, but not from you.

I keep getting a resounding “Yes!” that you absolutely can and will have the kind of relationship you are looking for. That was the good news. The bad news is the gentleman with whom you will have this ultimate relationship with is not around you at present. In fact, I don’t think you will be meeting him until the end of 2009.

Good things are worth waiting for, and he has that soul-mate glow about him. He will knock your socks off. For you, it’s like coming home.

I know you’re not thrilled with the time frame thing, but you’ll accept it. Now here’s what’s really throwing me off: I’m not seeing the wedding. As of right now, I know you would like to enter into a marriage that will happily withstand the test of time. The thing of it is, (and you’re not going to believe me until the time comes) when you have the right man, and can have that dream, you are not so thrilled about the idea of making it legal.

The next time you truly fall head over heals in love, there will be no coming back. You’ve paid your dues and you will be getting the reward. A relationship based on love, trust, understanding, passion, and fun. Marriage won’t change this relationship for better or worse, it would only provide a legal piece of paper.

Here’s a bit of identifying irony that I think you’ll enjoy. A divorced, divorce attorney is wanting and willing to marry you for all the right reasons, and you are going to hold him at bay. It really doesn’t matter, though. When two souls unite, it is a stronger union than anything any Church or State can file into the logs. A marriage certificate doesn’t keep people together, it just makes it more difficult to part. A true union is bound by love, desire, and respect; and parting isn’t in the equation.

I’m so tickled that you decided to write. Hopefully, I haven’t scared you too badly and next time you’ll call!

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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