Psychic Q&A: Widow Falling in Love Again

From Friends to Lovers?

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Dear Psychic Reed,

I am a widow falling in love again. For the past 10 years, I’ve had a friend who has always been there for me—even more so after my husband died. My friend and I chat and text many times a day and we meet for coffee almost daily too. I like that we can talk freely about anything. Recently, I find myself thinking about him more and more and if I don’t see him every day I feel a void inside. Is this friendship turning into something more? Can a relationship work for both of us?


Psychic Reed ext. 5105 responds:

Dear TDP,

This relationship has already surpassed friendship—by miles. It can work. In fact, it already has been working for you as a widow falling in love again. The relationship between the two of you was exactly what it needed to be to give you time to heal but now you are far enough along in that healing process that the relationship can move forward into romance.

Your man is understandably a little intimidated here. He knows he could never replace your husband so some reassurance from you will be necessary from time to time as this new romance starts to bloom. He will certainly need to know that he is more than just a stand-in and that he doesn’t have to compete with your past. You know that you can love your husband and love your new romantic partner as well, so let him hear it from you.

The energy in this connection reaches a new high right at the end of this year with another significant shift just prior to spring 2018, so these two points mark the next significant steps in this relationship. You will feel his guard coming down just before we begin the new year and he’ll find words for more of his deeper feelings. Soon, you’ll be more than a widow falling in love again and you’ll be ready for “full speed ahead” but let him determine the pace until spring. By early March the two of you will be an official item.

Every time I meditated on you and your question, I saw a woman wearing a light pink/rose-colored dress. She has dark hair in waves or curls. This was just an image, not a being. I was not able to speak with her or determine the significance of the image, but I thought it might mean something to you and was worth mentioning since it came up repeatedly.

Wishing you continued healing and growth.


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4 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Widow Falling in Love Again

  1. Gloria Mills

    Hi reed there is someone that is talking to me and like me is he a good person I also am sending out applications for jobs and no one is calling me is there a block?

  2. Frustrated

    Hello Reed, I am currently at a job which I love what I do, but do not get paid very much for all I do. I have recently asked for a raise, now three months later was told it is not going to happen, due to the business I am in slows always this time of the year. I do and have assisted in making this company alot of money this year. Do I move on or stay making the lowest in the office and producing way more than people who have been there for years. I have been there 2 years and I am not a spring chicken nor am I ancient either, but I thought this would be the job I retire at. I do have my feelers out and by all means not a quiter. Feeling over whelmed/frustrated.

  3. Peter Sihapannha

    Hello I was in relationship before but things got really bad I was in love with this woman.. from Spring to Summer my heart was crushed into million pieces I was hurt so bad.. I finally heal start a new job I got myself together gotten better.. this new job I work I have a very crush on this girl I’m a very shy person to be honest with you I’m not very good at talking to a woman my question is will I Ever Fall in Love again will I ever meet my soulmate..


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