Psychic Q&A: Her True Purpose

Psychic Q&A: Her True Purpose

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Dear Cameron,

I am 57 years old, divorced, and searching for my true purpose. About four years ago, I started blogging, coaching, and supporting the community through my popular talk show on traditional media platforms and social media. This is my passion, and I want to make enough money doing it to support myself. I feel like I am on the verge of making myself a public figure or celebrity, but I don’t know what my next steps should be. Is this my true purpose and if so, how can I continue to serve the community while also making money? I am more than just a good speaker.


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:


It’s great to hear from you and thank you for your question. When a client asks, “What is my true purpose in life,” it’s exciting because this is one of my favorite types of psychic readings, mainly because the answer is always good news!

I believe that we each have come to the planet for a special reason and that everyone has a true purpose. But sometimes we need a reminder of what that true purpose is. Your true purpose is always there to develop whenever you are ready. As I focus on your energy through my cards, I can see that your divorce was a major turning point; a time where you began to ask questions about what matters most in your life. While there were probably some disappointments and things you had to let go of, your divorce was also the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

I am being shown that you will be very successful. Also, you’re on the right track! You’ve made a lot of positive choices, and seeds you are planting now will come to fruition in the summer and fall months. For you, being patient is sometimes a challenge, but it is good for you to move at a steady pace. The past few years have been laying a foundation for what is to come.

Some project you are working on will be helpful for both adults and children. Make sure to consider all the marketing possibilities. There will also be a book that will help your clients better understand the principles you are teaching. My guides are showing me that you need more structure. You’ve taken a lot of actions and have enjoyed some success, but you need a “road map” with a clear sense of where you want to go. I suggest you consider hiring a consultant if you haven’t already. I know you’ve been thinking about it. The money you spend will be worth it. Some of your frustration and doubt comes from the fact that you aren’t always sure if you’re making the right decisions. Trust your intention. Spirit will never let you down when you’re following your true purpose.

I do believe that you will have recognition in your field; the end of the year brings an award or very important opportunities to take your work to the next level and enjoy great financial abundance. In the meantime, the main focus is on delivering the best speeches you can, and continue to build your profile on social media. There is a definite need in the world for what you have to offer.

The biggest obstacle I see for you is that you often feel regret that you didn’t start earlier. These thoughts can make you feel restless and, at times, discouraged. The timing is perfect right now for your career. Even your divorce is something that you can use to inspire women and men who are following a similar path. When in doubt, always return to what you love the most: being in front of people and communicating well. My guides assure me the rest will take care of itself.

Good luck, Cheryl. You are a very bright star!


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    I have deep deep feelings for this guy that I work with he sweet kind loving man and a good friendly person this is the one I will love to have as a soulmate and my best friend

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    Will I ever find my soul mate. I have had 2 marriages and 2 divorces. I married for life, I was mentally and physically abused by my first husband and my second husband left me for another woman! I sometimes feel as though I must do something wrong. Please help
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