Psychic Q&A: Our Ruined Relationship

She’s Blaming His Mother

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Dear Psychic Sloane,

I was in a relationship with a man for seven years before it became a ruined relationship. I was deeply in love with him then and still am now. We’ve had our ups and downs, but things started going downhill when he moved his mother in with us. She stayed with us for nine months, and at that time it was a mostly good situation. Then I went away for the holidays.

While I was away, we didn’t communicate well. We had a few arguments and I told him that I wanted to work on getting his mom’s life back on track and moving her out once I got back. I also said that I would have to move out if his mother didn’t. Well, he chose his mother over me and asked me to move out.

The day I moved out, he moved his new girlfriend in. He also moved her daughter in, her three dogs, her cat, and he got a trailer for his mom to move into. He blocked me from everything and won’t talk to me. I still love him!


Psychic Sloane ext. 6570 responds:

Dear L.C.,

I see how much pain you are in and I know this ruined relationship has really left you without any support system, but please know you will make it through this. You can’t go backward at this point because there is nothing left in the past. Now you have to accept the loss and begin to move forward so you can feel joy again. Even though your ex has moved on without you, the issues that drove the two of you apart will never change. You need to be with a man who puts you first because he chooses to, and when you allow yourself to release the past this is exactly what you will find.

I know you are hurt and angry and alone, yet choosing to make your needs the priority in your life is exactly the step you should take for your own spiritual growth. You did not make a mistake; you simply outgrew your mate. Keep believing in yourself and honor the choice you made. I see that there will be love again in your future, once you begin to love yourself again and stop focusing on your ruined relationship!

All my best,


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