Psychic Q&A: Am I in the Right Relationship?

Psychic Q&A: Am I in the Right Relationship?

Right Guy, Wrong Relationship?

Psychic Kallista,

I have been in a friends-with-benefits relationship for almost two years. We do all kinds of things together—with and without our children. We have even vacationed together with our kids. Our other friends think we’re in a relationship, but he says we’re just friends and nothing else. I’m not sure if this is the right relationship for me.

We’ve been there for each other and help one another out when we’re in a pinch. He’s been married and divorced twice, with one child from each marriage, and I have two children from my previous marriage.

Is he scared to be in a relationship with me? Do I just move on in search of the right relationship? I’m in love with him, but a lot of my friends are saying just let him go if he doesn’t want you. But something about him makes me want to stay. Will we ever have a romantic, serious relationship? Am I asking too much from him? Does he have the same feelings for me?

He has started in the past that we act like an old married couple. So why can’t we make this the right relationship for both of us?



Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Nikki,

You have a difficult choice in front of you. If you’re willing to remain with him just as things are, he’ll stick around for some time. However, if you try to urge him to commit, it will only result in fighting and a potential breakup.

You ask if you are in the right relationship. If it’s a true commitment you’re seeking, then I’m sorry to say the answer is no, you’re not in the right relationship. He lost his last two marriages by making his ex-wives feel the same way he makes you feel: disposable.

The holdup is a result of his deep fear of losing his independence. His fear is rooted in selfishness. He swore to himself that he would never marry again and that he would not open his heart to love. His needs matter to him more than anyone’s, including yours. He is aware of how he is treating you, and he is conscious and deliberate in his hurtful behavior. In spite of this, he does feel love for you, but your capacity to love is far greater than his.

You are giving so much, but you feel you are getting crumbs in return. Your anxiety feels like it is growing due to constant uncertainty, and it’s causing you a lot of pain. You are a loving mother, and you’re concerned about how he’s making your children feel, too. They sense the insecure feeling he is creating for all of you. While therapy can often work wonders, especially with communication issues, there’s something in him that will not yield to having a conventional, traditional relationship with anyone at this time.

Nikki, I believe all things are possible, but it appears that the misery you’re experiencing will only deepen the longer you stay. You are a queen, and the decision is yours, but if you choose to walk away, it won’t be long until you find the right relationship.

Wishing you the very best,


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3 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Am I in the Right Relationship?

  1. Karen Creed

    i need to know if me and my boy friend Jerome and i will stay together or are him and his ex making plans behind my back to be togther i need to know me or margaritta

  2. Jenny

    Hi I wanted to know the same thing things started off good and one day it went cold and I’m the only one that trying to get him to understand what should I do ?

  3. Mek Mek

    I have to say I was recently in somewhat of this same type of relationship only the I was dating his wife passed away unexpectedly. I had known him for about 20 years. We dated when we were younger. We did everything together. We were there for each. We even lived together for a while,but the only person benefiting from all this was him. I was opened and I found out the hard that he wasn’t open. So many things happened and I found myself alone in a really dark place in my life.

    You know when it’s time to let go, but the longer you hold on hoping he will someday see you… guess what! You would have missed your whole life. Don’t waste any more time on this relationship. Get out and move on NOW!!!!!


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