Texting Signs That Prove They’re Not Interested

5 Texting Signs That Prove They're Not Interested

Decode Their Messages

Gone are the days of the handwritten love letter. You no longer get to experience the nuances of a potential lover’s handwriting—the size of their letters, the spacing, how much pressure they write with, and the overall tidiness of their composition. Instead, you have to settle for emails or texts, which often don’t convey the writer’s true intentions. You also have to decode their messages—deciphering their interest or lack thereof. Well, I’m here to make it a little easier for you. Here are texting signs that prove they’re not interested in you. Learn to recognize them and then spare your heart by moving on.

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One-Word Disappearing Act
Any one-word response is unenthusiastic and lazy and it’s a big red flag in your relationship. Maybe they were busy, had a lot on their mind, or maybe your last response is annoying to them. But if they truly want to make a good impression, they won’t leave you in the middle of a conversation with only a “meh,” “hmm,” “maybe,” or worse, “K,” before disappearing. If they can’t even give you a two-word send-off, I wouldn’t expect much from them.

Dead-End Response
A dead-end text response is one that cuts off the conversation by the head. You may be familiar with these as a simple “yup,” “nope,” “don’t remember,” etc. These responses fail to carry on any form of conversation and leave you wondering what you should say next. So, just say bye, and move on with your day.

No “Sprinkles”
I prefer my texts like my sundaes, with lots of sprinkles—a smiley, bitmoji, GIF, or at least an exclamation point if I’m feeling lazy. Whether it’s ink or digital, punctuation marks or drawings,  these signs indicate a person who is investing in your relationship. They’re definitely not bored. That’s always one of the bad texting signs. Now, I realize that emojis and punctuation aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but if you use them, someone who wants to get to know you romantically will likely mimic your sprinkles with a similar offering. Mimicking, after all, is how we compliment the people we like or want to get to know better.

Wrong Number
Have you ever met someone out and about and exchanged numbers? If you have, it’s likely you’re feeling like you’ve made a connection. However, when you send them a text a few hours or even days later, they think you have the wrong number. What happened? The truth is that whatever connection you think you made did not last. If they act like they don’t know who you are, chances are they don’t because you didn’t make a lasting impression on them. That’s okay. Just move on.

Waiting Game
How long is too long to wait for a reply from a crush? The average person checks their phone every 15 minutes, and the average time between the texts of a potential couple is around five minutes. If you ask someone out and it takes 10 minutes to tell you they have to give their dog a bath, they likely typed out 10 other excuses before settling on that gem. If they’re taking a long time to text you back or they’re taking forever to tell you they’re busy, you’re experiencing two of the texting signs that they have no interest in you.

Odd Hours
It may seem like a compliment to pop into the mind of your crush at random times, but if the only hours they seem to be thinking about you are between 11 pm and 5 am, you may want to reconsider their intentions. The late-night text is one of those texting signs that indicate they don’t want much more than casual sex. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, chances are you aren’t going to find it with a late-night texter.

Texting Can Be Revealing

Just because someone sends you a text, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for them to convey their true feelings for you. And if someone wants you, they’re going to be fairly obvious about it. They will send you thoughtful responses. They will share things about themselves so you can get to know them too. If you aren’t making a real connection with them, don’t ignore these texting signs. Move on and find someone who is as interested in you as you are in them.

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4 thoughts on “Texting Signs That Prove They’re Not Interested

  1. Elizabeth Hackett

    There’s a lot of truth in the info provided-if someone is truly interested they won’t blow you off by not responding to a text/nor being vague by a response. Personal phone calls can tell you a lot more about someone’s interest.

  2. Debbie

    A lot of people just hate texting period! If the person is interested and have a phone in their hands then call them if your interested no misinterpretation whatsoever! That’s what most adults do! The article does have some value for the people that do love to just text- it’s another way to read the person. Young people very young people!

  3. AZA

    This is a ridiculous article. Texts are just that. Texts. Fast and annoying way to communicate. Don’t try to read between the lines. You have no idea what is going on with the other person. Texts are a facade and most things get lost in translation


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