Psychic Q&A: Rekindle a Romance

Psychic Q&A: Rekindle a Romance | California Psychics

Uncertain in Love

A month ago, my ex, who I was with for two and a half years, said she wasn’t in love with me anymore. She said she cares about me and loves me but is not in love with me. I can’t stop thinking about her. There is something in my gut telling me we will get back together. Will we get back together and when? Also, should I message her to tell her I miss her or wait for her to initiate?

Please help me.


Watch Psychic Marin’s response below.

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7 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Rekindle a Romance

  1. Alisha lewis

    Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 2 days ago we’ve was together for 2 years and he’s been speaking to girls just after we broke up do i go back to him or leave him? X

  2. Bobby

    Why did I get this email? I am not looking for a new love. I am 72 years old and my husband died in 2018. He was my soulmate my one and only love. I do not want another love all I want is him and no other. My heart was always his and my body for eternity since he was my first and only. I still love him and always will. Thank you.

  3. Gen

    What do you mean by 11:11 numbers ? I saw this one a night before my birthday. I’m startled and shocked, mixed emotion but I couldn’t decipher what it means

  4. Tonie Johnson

    I was with my ex for 2 years, we were very much in love so I thought. 2 months ago i found out he was married. Got married in another country behind my back. He said that he loves, his heart tells him that we belong together and when he lost me he lost his bestfriend and a part of him. I’ve seen him pretty much the same as before we broke up, but it doesn’t feel the same, he is talking to over girls and most likely sleeping with them as well. Everything in my soul is telling me that we belong together. I dont know what to do. I’m fighting so hard for him to realize that it’s me. Please give me insight. What should I do.. a part of me is saying give up because it almost seems as though he is pushing me away and then it’s like he wants me to stay. I’m afraid if I stop reaching out that I won’t see him again


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