Psychic Q&A: In Love With Someone Else

Psychic Q&A: In Love With Someone Else

They’re Both With Other People

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Dear Psychic Reed,

I’ve been with the same man for 10 years but I haven’t been happy for a while and I’m in love with someone else. I have a male coworker whom I have known for the past four years. We talk a lot and I really enjoy that. I think he’s attracted to me but he won’t say. He has two kids and had been with his girlfriend for six years, so we both have ties to someone else. He says he likes me but I feel he isn’t being completely honest about his feelings for me. Am I wrong? I just want clarification and I know he won’t be truthful.

Jonelle P.

Psychic Reed ext. 5105 responds:

Dear Jonelle,

You are correct. I can feel the energy between you and your coworker and he really does have stronger feelings than he is willing to admit right now. You are both in the same canoe here—in a relationship with one person, but in love with someone else.

You’ve been settling for less than you want in this relationship for so long, yet haven’t left it. His relationship isn’t fulfilling either, yet he is still there. I often tell my clients that our relationships are our classrooms while we are here being human. They bring us the lessons we could never learn alone. We often think of what we gain emotionally from a romance, but we also stand to gain spiritually, using the experience to learn, grow, heal, and become more self-aware. Neither of you has left your unfulfilling relationships, obviously because it’s risky and that kind of change is scary, but there is a deeper reason as well: you both have a little something left to learn right where you are.

Our Creator is amazingly efficient and I believe that everything happens for a reason. So, even the experience you are having now—being “stuck” with one person while you are in love with someone else—is here for you to learn and grow from.

Trust the energy you feel that tells you he loves you. And ask yourself or meditate on what you need to learn so you can stop settling, and continue to be patient with everyone involved—including yourself.

You are on the right track.


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6 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: In Love With Someone Else

  1. Leo Avila

    I have feelings for this amazing woman that comes and cates for my wife shis very sick and her health is deteriating WILL THIS SPECIAL Lady be in my life im scared of being alone I always had a girl in my life please help me my feelings are so strong towards her

  2. Shaun

    I have feelings for 3 people how do I decide which one is right for me without hurting anyone and I’m not married but r either one of them husband material

  3. Brianna Connelly

    Dear Psychic Reed.
    I’ve been with my bf for the past 6 years. Now let me tell you , there is a 10 year age difference. we just had a baby boy last year, my first and his first & for some reason I feel like he’s not telling me the truth about stuff and honestly it hurts me to not hear an i love u or i miss u. He’s so afraid to love and has commitment issues I want to know if things will get better between us and maybe might move in together like have our little family together in one household. Im getting really depressed thinking about our future. I feel like he does hide things from me & when i bring stuff up to him he makes me think im just being paranoid like always but i need answers to help me out on what to do. He doesn’t talk about his feelings not an emotional guy at all but i wanna know if were in this together or im by myself and i just want to feel happiness and not have to hear about a dana or a julie or leticia replaying in my mind all over again. Please help!!

  4. Maria

    Hi I have been married for almost 43 years I’m 65 years old but l look 10 years younger I have never been happy in my marriage I always gave reasons for staying in the marriage. But recently about 2 months or so ago I have been talking to a man 30 or so years younger than me he told me he loves me he cares for me he makes me laugh but his a young man what does he want with an older woman or is he just saying this things to make an older person feel better because I’m beginning to get some feelings for him I’m confused is he for real or am I just a foolish woman looking for love in a young man please help before I get hurt

  5. Jennifer

    I am wondering myself about a couple things going on in my life. So stressed about it all. Can you give me some answers?

  6. Mike west

    I have had feelings for a woman I have never met . However I am not sure how she feels about me or if she is who she says she is.


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