Mantras for Meditation: March 3 – 9

Mantras for Meditation: March 3 - 9

The Power of Mantras

This week, your mantras for meditation cover pride, intuition, music, communications, and more. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras this week?

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March 3 (Pride): “I am proud of the person that I have become.”

Take pride in all of the challenges you have faced and passed, for they have all been lessons you needed to learn. By learning these lessons, you have been able to move forward in your soul’s journey towards better enlightenment. Seeing this growth an achievement, you can hold your head up and know that you will never repeat these lessons.

March 4 (Intuition): “My intuition is guiding me towards a better tomorrow.”

That small inner voice you often hear is your higher guides talking to you. The Divine energy of the Universe that is trying to guide you will sound a lot like yourself. Taking the time to listen allows you to connect with the higher flow of vibrational energy that brings peace, prosperity, and abundance. Trust that the Universe and the Divine want nothing but happiness for you.

March 5 (Love Partnership): “I am the best partner I can be for myself.”

Working towards becoming your own best partner will align your energy with the Law of Manifestation, and bring about the loving relationships you want in your life. Being gentle, loving, and kind with yourself first allows the Universe to send you energy that matches your own. When you have a positive relationship with yourself first, all other partnerships will be of a positive nature too.

March 6 (Spiritual Partnership): “The Divine is helping me to find a loving spiritual partner.”

There are four forms of intimacy in a relationship: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. You are able to have all four types in one relationship. But, to achieve this, you must complete the first three—physical, emotional, and intellectual. When you say that the person you are in a relationship with is your best friend, you are well on the way to having a spiritual partnership with your partner. It is when we surrender to the love that we feel for the person we are with that we genuinely meet on a spiritual level in a relationship.

March 7 (Music): “The music that moves me is part of my spiritual growth.”

The Whirling Dervishes use their turning in circles as a form of prayer and meditation. You should work with music! It could be rock, soul or meditative trance music that’s part of your daily meditation routine. Binaural beats use music and ambient noise to activate both sides of the brain during meditation. By incorporating music into your spiritual path, you will certainly find your connection to the Divine, and to your body at that moment.

March 8 (Communications): “I never block any communications from those that I love.”

You should never block communications from someone you wish would communicate better with you. By remaining open to contact even during a rough patch, it helps ensure that connections will stay open. Keeping a line between the both of you will ensure that even spiritually the energy continues to flow from your heart and theirs. Be sure you respond to every call or text as soon as you receive it or as soon as you can, and remember the golden rule.

March 9 (Time Out): “I will take a timeout when I feel stressed and overwrought with worry.”

If the weather permits, take a walk outside. Or if nothing else, take a stroll through a garden shop or a flower shop. By allowing yourself to accept this little timeout when you are feeling stressed, and surrounding yourself with nature, you will find your energy restored to an equal, harmonious balance. It gives you time to clear your mind and to connect with the flow of energy that is about growth, harmony, and love. So give yourself a timeout to connect with your higher self again.

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