Psychic Q&A: More Than Hope and Faith

Psychic Q&A: More Than Hope and Faith

Her Finances Need More Than Hope and Faith!

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Dear Cameron,

I’ve been having a really tough time lately, but I am trying to have hope and faith. We have a family business and times have been hard. We’re trying to find the money to pay the bills, pay the salaries, and just make ends meet each month. We have been renting the same house for seven years but would like to do a lease purchase. However, the owners decided to move back and keep the house. So now we have to find a new place to live.

A few years ago, we acquired even more debt due to a severe injury and medical bills. Our credit score suffered. I also watch our three-year-old grandbaby and will soon have a newborn to watch too. I don’t have much free time due to all this and haven’t had a vacation in over a decade. It would be a dream to be able to afford one someday soon. Do you see anything in my future that would give me hope and faith? Will our financial situation get better?


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Ann, thank you for your question. It’s great you’re trying to keep hope and faith because there’s good news: My guides have shown me that your situation will definitely improve in the months ahead! Everything you share here has been confirmed in your reading. I see the financial insecurity through the reversed Five of Coins, and also the Five of Swords, which means that you have been through a lot of difficulties. I appreciate that this hasn’t been an easy time for you, and I know you have been working hard to turn things around.

You appear in my cards as the Queen of Wands. This is a woman who is confident and is in control of her life and her situation, able to guide her circumstances to produce the results she wants. Besides this card is the 3 of Wands which means mastery, and the Ace of Wands for inspiration. I believe there will be a positive result. Your energy is dynamic now and powerful. Just put that energy to good use! Given how you feel right now, however, this may seem like a reading meant for someone else. Please allow me to explain.

Sometimes a client will come to me for a reading who is going through an extremely challenging time in his or her life. The cards will reveal that they are much stronger than they realize, but they are just so frustrated or in so much pain that they can’t see any hope. My intuitive sense is that you are a very powerful woman, with a lot of energy. Part of the problem is that it is hard for you to tap into that power because you may feel you are constantly having to put out fires in your life.

You are in survival mode all the time, and when it seems like you might have a break, a new crisis or situation comes up demanding your attention. When we are experiencing life in this way, it’s sometimes hard to appreciate our gifts, or know how to apply them to the situations we want to create, and not just the situations we feel we have to deal with. In other words, your moving forward at this time begins, before you take any action, with being clear about your intention. You are very clear about what you don’t want, but have you had a chance to sit down and clarify what matters to you most? What do you want for yourself for the rest of the year?

My guides are showing me in your cards that there are people around you who could do more to support you; it’s time to start delegating. I’m showing that you need a break; it doesn’t have to be tickets to the South of France, even a day at the beach or a regular half-hour walk by yourself can make a difference. Once you carve out this time for yourself, you mustn’t let anyone intrude on it.

You need some time where you can think clearly and focus on what you want. There are angels who want to work with you to improve your situation, but sometimes it hard for them to get through because there is no much “noise” in your life. Take time for meditation—a very important idea will be coming to you during the spring months. For example, with the children you say you will taking care of, there may be an idea to do a side business related to childcare. I am being shown you have gifts in these areas. Whatever you choose, there is a need for a change in the way that your business and your personal life are run. Everyone is coming to you to help, but ultimately, there is more these people can do for themselves to improve their own situation.

I see May and June being important months for you, full of inspiration and new ideas. When you feel more confident, you’ll see that changes will occur in the summer moving into early fall. I see your housing situation improving and more money coming in. You have the ability to be a strong leader in the family, but this is one of those situations where instead of just having hope and faith, you have to put yourself first and change the way things are run.

Give yourself at least five minutes before you go to sleep to affirm what you want and visualize it. Continue to take action. With the Ace of Cups as the last card in your reading, there is the potential for this to be a great year and for you to turn things around. You just need to feel inspired again. I hope this reading helps.

Good luck, and thanks again for writing!


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