11 Signs Your Partner is Trying to Control You

11 Signs Your Partner is Trying to Control You

Do They Want to Control You?

A controlling partner is terrible for your health, happiness, and success in life. They make you feel tired, hopeless, depressed, and doubtful of your abilities. And the worst part is, you may not even realize what they’re doing! In fact, many of their actions may seem quite loving. These are the 11 signs to look out for.

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1. They Make You Their Entire World
Do you dream of being your partner’s entire world? Do you want a partner who gives you everything you need while also protecting you from harmful people. If you do, what you’ll actually get is a partner who gives you only what they want you to have—not what you need. They may also limit your interactions with “outsiders” or people they don’t approve of like your friends and family. Instead, they may keep you around their friends, family or anyone they have more control over. This doesn’t sound like a dream anymore, does it? You’ll lose your privacy, have diminished self-confidence, and ignore your personal goals.

2. They Isolate You
Controlling people want you with them all the time, to isolate you so they can become a big influence on your life and decisions. At first it may feel wonderful to have someone pay so much attention. But if they take you away from your previous hobbies, habits, friendships, and family engagements, they are only breaking down your support channels, redirecting your free time toward them, and making you more vulnerable to their influence.

3. They Invest Money in You
A controlling partner will give you too much so you feel indebted to them. Those gifts may feel welcome at first, but once they begin to pile up, a controlling partner will use them as leverage so you’ll feel like you owe them something in return. Don’t have the money? They’ll expect you to do what they want.

4. They’ll Make You Feel Guilty
A controlling partner doesn’t have to threaten you so you’ll stay with them. Instead, they’ll just make you feel guilty. They may talk about what will happen to them if you ever leave—you’ll ruin them financially, emotionally, etc.

5. Their Love is Conditional
We all want to be loved, but loved unconditionally. A controlling partner will give you conditional love. That means you’ll have to earn their love and you can do that in a number of ways. You can lose weight, get a better job or learn how to be a better lover. It’s all up to the one who is in control.

6. They Argue Until You Submit to Them
A proper, healthy argument between two people should lead to understanding and compromise, but that’s not the case when one of the people has a control problem. They’re focused on winning, so they will be louder than you and say shocking things. They will be unreasonable and try to wear you down. There is no compromising for them—they just want it their way.

7. They Don’t Bring Out the Best in You
A partner who loves to be in control will not encourage you to try new things. Or if they do, they’ll push you until you feel bad about yourself. Trying new things together is part of a healthy relationship, but if your partner gets competitive or takes the fun out of a new activity, that’s bad news.

8. They Use Your Private Information Against You
If you love your partner, you confide in them with the knowledge that they would never share that information with others or use it against you down the road. A controlling partner will turn your secrets into ammunition so they can blackmail you into submission.

9. They “Tease” You by Saying Hurtful Things
If your partner’s jokes or teasing routinely make you feel small, ugly, unworthy, weak, and fragile, they are purposely trying to belittle you in a way that is more socially acceptable than stating these hurtful words as opinion.

10. They Dominate Your Conversations
When you partner prefers to dominate your conversations with their opinions, you may think they’re just energetic and confident. But a healthy partner wants you to feel happy and heard, and will value your feelings and opinions just as much as their own.

11. They Promise to Change but Don’t
If you confront your controlling partner, they may promise to change for you. This could be a sincere promise. However, it could also send them back to the drawing board to figure out how to be even more subtle in their attempts to control you down the road.

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