Psychic Q&A: Finding Her Life Path

Psychic Q&A: Finding Her Life Path

From Chicago to Kansas City

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Dear Cameron,

What is my life path? What am I here on this earth to do? I left my job of 12 years and moved from Chicago to Kansas City. Still not happy. I’m renting the house I live in and the bills are piling up. I got denied unemployment because I voluntarily left my last job. I came to Kansas City for a change but now I’m not sure I made the right decision. Even though my kids and my boyfriend are here with me, I still feel alone. Truthfully, I’ve felt that way my whole life. I don’t want to give up, but I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Can you please point me in the right direction towards my life path?


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Dear Adah,

Thank you so much for your question about your life path. I consulted my guides about your life path and they revealed to me through my Tarot cards and the Wheel of Fortune that your situation will be improving in the upcoming months. When I concentrate on your path, I see that May and June will bring unanticipated opportunities, and some help from a male friend and a new acquaintance. I see the money concerns and how worried you have been, but that shifts soon and you will notice a steady income arriving by late spring. I feel a very strong vibration around May 10 – 15 when work contracts and interviews go well. Keep the faith!

You’ve taken a big step by moving and leaving your job and your old city in search of something new. That takes a great deal of courage! My cards reveal that the pattern of doubting yourself, and of feeling that the “weight of the world is on your shoulders” have been with you much of your life. You’ve sometimes felt different from family and friends, and felt guilty for wanting more than they may have intended for you. It may sound strange, but sometimes loneliness can be a spiritual gift, forcing us to get to know ourselves more intimately, to listen to guidance, and eventually ask the questionS: Who am I, and what do I really want to do with my life?

Adah, I see you have a strong and adventurous side. You like facing challenges, and I believe you made the decision to move because you knew intuitively that it was time for a major change. For many of my clients, the period after a powerful life path transition is the scariest of all because they have left the familiar behind but they haven’t yet learned to embrace the new. This transition time is very important because the temptation is to go back to what you have always known, even if you feel it limits you. However, my intuitive vision is that you are closer to success than you realize.

My suggestion based on your cards is this: These upcoming weeks are the time to seek inner guidance more than ever before. Meditate, rest, relax and when you feel encouraged, take action. As you have made several physical changes already, the time has come to make some mental ones too, and decide that you want to think positively about your life path. When you drop the pattern of constant worry and doubt, you will hear divine guidance more clearly.

There is a place that is near you. It may be a college or learning center, and I believe you will study there or offer your services. Please inquire. You’ve been wanting to learn and work with students. You are a natural motivator and you have also been wanting to do something that supports others, but you’ve been waiting for someone to give you permission. However, you don’t need anyone’s permission but your own.

Think of this period like driving in a storm at night; you may not know what will happen next week, but just take the right action today and let your guides do the rest. You are definitely here for a reason and that will be revealed to you in the upcoming months. Trust your decision in the here and now and, more importantly, acknowledge how brave you are. A little confidence and belief in yourself will make all the difference. You’ve done the hardest part; the next step is to let go of worry. Trust me. Your guides won’t let you down.


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  1. Misty Bobb

    I need to know if my grandmother frances is ok and if she is trying to tell me something about linda varner and her money to grandpa i need to know if its the right thing feeling sad in ohio

  2. Carlos

    I’m 51yrs I been with my wife more than 37yrs. She was more than my wife she was my friend, everything. But it’s not the same the love happyness the trust the respect is all gone. My daughters n son’s turn on me. I know I need to change but I can move I’m stuck I can think. Nothing gos right nothing but bad luck. It’s like I’m getting out this dark hole and here I go back to the bottom of this dark hole. Always dreaming evil.n I’m always running from evil . Even threw all the pain in my heart and all the desrepect n back stab I try to ignore n do rite.and people LOUGH at me talk bad about me be honest I don’t know how I do it to hold back but I hold back.i given up on life I don’t believe in myself negative missory came part of my life, n I still fight to try to put our family back but I can’t don’t matter what I do. I’m tired of fighting and I know I can win cus whatever it is i can’t see it. I’m so tired I had a life full of up n downs I done time lots of it I picked up a herion habit. I need help. Once u do ur thing you do you will see . U say how has he cope with all that pain n have a beautiful heart. Carlos

  3. Nats

    I am feeling stuck in my life at the moment . I been in a long distance relationship for 12 years and it is still at the same place . I am trying to get a career but I have to work full time to support my kids . Will I get the career I am looking for and will he ever commit


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