Psychic Q&A: Different Beliefs

Psychic Q&A: Different Beliefs

He’s Dragging Her Down

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Dear Kallista,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for seven years and I’m not sure what to do because we have different beliefs. We don’t believe in the same things relationship-wise, and I feel that he’s blocking me from the things I want in and from a relationship, like a partnership, intimacy, communication, family, and marriage. I got pregnant last year and he put me through a lot to the point I lost the baby and never forgave myself or him. I feel alone in this relationship and just want to give up on it. I’m trying to open my own business and he doesn’t support me. I want my business to thrive and be great and grow. Should I move forward with him or without him? Please help me.

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

You are in an abusive relationship, and you recognize this by how consistently hurt you feel by this man. He is in many ways a cruel person. He means to control you however he can. Like an anchor around your neck, he is always dragging you down. You feel like you’re drowning. When he isn’t being openly mean-spirited, he is being passive-aggressive. As I read your question, I saw a scene in my mind of a foot on top of your head, crushing you down into the ground, and of a vampire draining you of your life’s blood. Yet when he pushes you too far, he turns around and acts like he cares about you. This isn’t just about different beliefs, this is about his need to constantly feed his ego at the expense of your heart, your soul, and even your sanity.

Often different beliefs can be worked with in a way that two people can coexist, even happily so. But this is so much more than the issue of different beliefs. This is a man who will continue to undermine everything you think, say, and do because your power threatens him. He is afraid you are stronger than he is. He is right. You are. You don’t need him as much as he needs you, even though he would not admit this. He is absolutely depriving you of the most basic things that make a relationship, and he won’t stop until he destroys what’s left of your self-esteem. If he succeeds, he will gaslight you and tell you it’s all your fault. This will, of course, be utter nonsense, but he will try to grind you down until you believe him.

You accurately sense that he will never change and that there is nothing good remaining for you if you stay. But right now you feel stuck. Even so, as soon as you can manage it, you must get out. Once you make the decision to leave him and silently work out your plans to do so, you will feel a great weight lift off your shoulders. Say nothing to him about this, because if you do, he will strive to do all he can to block you, and hurt you even more.

Please forgive yourself for the loss of your baby. You didn’t do anything wrong. Timing is everything. Sometimes things happen that result in deep pain, but one day you will come to see the blessings in them. Eventually, you will be able to forgive him too, because forgiving him will consist of you placing the hurt and pain he caused you back on his shoulders, which will relieve you from carrying this burden any longer. This will help set you free from the traumatic experiences you’ve had with him. Please don’t hesitate to seek out a therapeutic healer who can give you tools to speed up your emotional healing. And remember that our love psychics are always here, ready to serve and support you anytime, day or night.

Once you make your escape, and it looks like you will, your life will open up like the wings of an eagle in flight. Not only will your business get rolling, it will grow and thrive, just as you envision. You will have a loving relationship with a new man in late 2018, early 2019—one that is a real partnership—with true intimacy and communication. You will no longer struggle with feeling like you have different beliefs, for you and he will be on the same page. The good news is you will both want marriage and family. I see you as being very happy going forward. You deserve the joy that awaits you.

Wishing you love, happiness, and beautiful blessings,


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