Blood Moon, Blue Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse

Blood Moon, Blue Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse

A Spotlight on Life Changes

To get an idea of why this January 31 total lunar eclipse is so rare and why we should all pay attention to it, it’s important to get a perspective on its astrological and astronomical significance. In other words, let’s get geeky about it for a minute!

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Generally speaking, eclipses are life-altering events for us that touch whatever part of life or astrological house they occur in. They propel us to the next phase of life—one that’s in our highest and best good. Every year we experience an average of four eclipses, both lunar and solar. However, there are times when we experience more. In 2018, we will have five eclipses altogether.

Eclipse Families

Eclipses happen in “families.” They come in pairs that are six months apart from each other on the horoscope wheel. Four of this year’s eclipses happen in the Leo-Aquarius family and one will start in the Cancer-Capricorn family. A family of eclipses will keep occurring every five and one-half months for a length of 18 to 24 months. Then the next set (or family) begins.

There are typically two families of eclipses in a year’s period, such as this year’s Leo-Aquarius and Cancer-Capricorn families. By the end of an eclipse family cycle, two things happen. One, the family won’t be back for seven to eight years. Two, you’ll have completed that life-altering change mentioned earlier. It’s a process, it’s a cycle, and it’s a game changer.

The Supermoon

There’s a lot of terminologies that describes the position and even color of the January 31 Moon. The Supermoon refers to a “perigee” moon. That’s the astronomical term for when the Moon is close to Earth due to its elliptical orbit. In January of 2018 we not only have two full Moons in January, but they are both Supermoons or perigee moons.

The Blue Moon

The term Blue Moon refers to the second of two Full Moons in a one-month period. In 2018, this event will occur on January 31 and again on March 31 (depending on where you live on the planet and allowing for time and date differences). Unlike the Wolf Moon, the Snow Moon or other moons that have names, a Blue Moon is a nameless moon. It’s simply known as a Blue Moon. In 2018, both January and March will have Blue Moons and February will have none (sometimes referred to as a Black Moon).

Astrologically speaking, the second Full Moon to occur in a single calendar month is a Blue Moon. In astronomy there is a phenomenon known as the Metonic Cycle, indicating that 19 years from now, in 2037, we’ll also see a Blue Moons in January and March. According to, the Metonic Cycle is “a period of 19 years in which there are 235 lunations, or synodic months, after which the Moon’s phases recur on the same days of the solar year or year of the seasons.”

The Blood Moon

So why the term Blood Moon? When there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the Earth is placed directly between the Sun and the Moon which should block light totally. However, some light does get through and is reflected in the Earth’s atmosphere. As sunlight passes through the atmosphere it filters out certain spectrums of light leaving only the red light which reaches the Moon and reflects back on us. That is why we can see a reddish hue on the Moon during a lunar eclipse. This phenomenon will occur again on July 27 this year when we experience another lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius.

January’s Total Lunar Eclipse is a Rare Event

We know that the second Full Moon in a month is a Blue Moon and we know why the Moon can sometimes appear red. We’ve gone over what a Supermoon is and even studied what causes an eclipse. And while total lunar eclipses themselves are not rare (we experience an average of two a year), having a lunar eclipse that is also a Supermoon and a Blue Moon is extremely rare.

Because this event is so extremely rare, and because eclipses mark personal changes in our lives, we would be remiss not to notice the importance of this astrological event in our personal lives. If you’ve wanted to get a reading with an astrology psychic, there would probably be no better time—centering your reading on what house this eclipse falls in for you and your natal chart. Look at both your Sun sign and rising sign to see where the January 31 eclipse will bring changes in your life.

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