Psychic Q&A: Can Luck Influence Success in My Life?

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Lucky Opportunities and Advantages

Hi Psychic Cameron,

Can luck influence success in my life? I’m trying to figure out if it will play a factor in my career or if I shouldn’t worry about luck at all.



Dear Donald,

Great to hear from you! I’m very excited that you’ve asked me about luck because it is a question that comes up in many of my readings. The most important thing to remember about luck is that the focus should be not only on our desire to experience luck but what we do with luck once we receive it.

I believe that everyone experiences some luck in their lives. There are situations where it seems that everything appears to go right for us or someone we know, and we often call that luck. But most of the time what we are experiencing is synchronicity.

Synchronicity occurs when events happen that seems to be random, but which have important meaning for us and lead to something positive. For example, you are looking for a job and a friend tells you about a company that she thinks you’d be perfect for. Later that same day, you are driving, turn on the radio, and you hear a news story at that moment about the same company. You send in your resumé and within a month, you are working there and having a wonderful time!

Often when we think of luck, we perceive it as moments in our life when the universe blesses us with opportunities and advantages. And I’ll admit, there are times when it seems like wonderful things occur and we just can’t account for them. But I consider luck to be an active word; in other words, to answer your question, you should never worry about luck. But there are things you can do to encourage lucky experiences in your life. Here’s how.

Encourage Luck

Stay open. Look for signs, not excessively, but, as in the example I gave above, where connections happen that are meaningful to you. We all have angels and spirit guides that are on hand when we need them. All we must do is ask for help. I’ve often found that within twenty-four hours, and sometimes even sooner, we usually get some form of guidance. Looking for luck to occur can sometimes be a passive pursuit – we’re waiting for the spirit to do it all for us. What I’m encouraging you to do is notice when the universe seems to be pointing you in the right direction, and then go from there and act.

Nothing is more important to luck than being prepared. I’ve done readings where clients have had a ton of what we might consider luck, but they were only worried about being lucky, and when the opportunity came, they didn’t know what to do. There is no judgment when this happens. Usually, if we miss an opportunity, another one will come along when we are ready.

My advice to you is to begin by opening your consciousness with meditation, by creating a vision board, and by doing affirmations before you begin your job search. This lets your guides know that you are ready for your “lucky” experience. Once you are clear about what you want, stay relaxed, and then begin to make appointments and calls. Don’t worry if nothing jumps out immediately; sometimes the right opportunity is there but something needs to fall into place first. For example, a client of mine was frustrated when she went to adopt a new pet. Twice the one she wanted wasn’t available and she became very discouraged. Weeks later, her neighbor had puppies and offered to give her one for free. The dog was perfect for her, needed a home, and she’s never been happier.
Finally, it is also very important to notice when we are “unlucky.” If on the way to a job interview, we oversleep, can’t find our keys, the car breaks down, we get stuck on the elevator, spill coffee on our shirt or blouse, and “everything seems to go wrong,” there may be a message that this opportunity isn’t right for us. Learn to look for the signs that this may not be the right time to make a move. Again, there will always be another opportunity around the corner. And most importantly, please remember, the universe is always on your side.

Again, thank you for the question. My cards suggest that this is going to be a great career year for you – just trust your instincts. If you come prepared, with an inspired attitude and confidence, the luck will often take care of itself.



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2 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Can Luck Influence Success in My Life?

  1. Steve

    …And as (good) luck would have it, I happened upon this article! I, too, was wondering how luck comes into play with success. Sometimes when one is struggling to find out where they should go, or what they should do, it’s easy to start comparing ourselves to others who seem “luckier” than ourselves. I have a strong feeling that this “comparative thinking” can interfere with “creative thinking” when trying to come up with solutions. However, it can be a hard habit to curtail.

    I am very glad that I read this piece. Cameron has written this response with compassion and assurance. I’ve never met him, but this was like receiving advice from a good and trusted friend.

    My favorite line, which, I feel, can’t help but make one feel “lucky”, is: “…most importantly, please remember, the universe is always on your side.” You can’t go wrong with that thought, whether trying to build confidence in yourself, or working to accept situational outcomes which you don’t understand or have difficulty accepting at the time. I’m sure that I will be using this gem over and over from here on out.

    Cameron, well put, very nicely done — and much appreciated!


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