Puppy Love at First Sight

I never would have considered myself a dog person. I was never one to walk up and greet a dog or, heaven forbid, pet one. It was not until I stumbled across a Boxer puppy advertised online that I approached my husband with the idea of getting a dog. We had just finished fencing in our one-acre property, and work was slowing for my husband, so he would be home to spend time with the pup. The timing could not have been more perfect.

I decided to call the owner, and I became committed to the idea of becoming a dog owner. We made arrangements to go see her the next day. That night, I lied awake tossing and turning. I had gone from not even willing to touch a dog to wanting to be a dog owner. Had I gone crazy? Why on Earth was I rushing into this decision?

The next morning, still having doubts, I questioned my husband if “we” were doing the right thing. He was completely frustrated with me by now.

So what does an emotionally confused psychic do? I pulled out my Tarot cards to get a very cut and dry answer. I drew the Strength card, depicting a woman handling a lion, often identified as “Beauty and the Beast.” Without hesitation, I knew that getting this dog would afford me some sort of addition of strength in my life. So we got into the car, and I drove with butterflies in my stomach to meet my “beast.”

I immediately bonded with the puppy. I mean, who doesn’t like a puppy…? It’s when they grow up—that’s what worried me.

So home we went to introduce her to the rest of the family. After a few days, she had adjusted wonderfully. There was very little whimpering, and she was as sweet as could be… a smart little girl. I decided it was finally time to introduce her to my beloved cat, Salem, and it did not go well. Seconds after the introduction, my cat had extended her claws, and in one swat, slashed my puppy’s eye, tearing the cornea. Emotions instantly poured through me. Feeling the helplessness of the wounded dog, and the sheer power of a protective mother, I bundled my pup and dashed to the veterinarian. During the brief exam, I was immediately told to take her to a specialist, in hopes of being able to save the eye! Back to the car I went, and had an hour long drive to the animal eye specialist. I sobbed and sobbed, while my pup sat on my lap the entire time, barely able to stay focused on my driving. I felt horribly guilty, ignorant and confused about this entire experience. Was this my lesson in strength – or, rather, irresponsibility?

After a month of follow-up treatment including eye drops administered six time a day, ointment, oral antibiotics, and one of those silly cone head pieces, my dog’s eye had turned white. The veterinarian’s words spoke little hope. My family and I created healing pillows for her, did a candle healing ritual, and said our prayers. Every time I looked at her, and her opaque wandering eye looked back at me, I would wonder… “Why? What is the lesson in this experience?” Not only was I emotionally devastated, my bank account had rapidly been depleted.

Throughout the month of waiting, I would often look at the Strength Tarot card, and yet, I would feel the little glimpses of “Strength” that this situation was bringing me.

On October 31, Samhain, I attended a seance performed by an ordained minister at a Spiritualist Church. I had been wanting to explore this church for nearly a year, and saw a flyer regarding the special event. I did not know anyone affiliated with this church, as it was out of town. In preparation for the seance, I was praying that I would get an answer about the fate of my dog’s eye. Before leaving, I randomly drew a Tarot card, and to no surprise, it was the Strength card again.

I showed up at the church, took my seat, and did not speak a word to anyone about what message I was seeking. The seance lasted for two hours, and just as I was about to accept the fact that I might not get a message, the medium darted her head to my direction and stated, ever so directly, “Your dog is going to be OK.” Thankful that I had decided to record the seance on my digital recorder, I played that little blurp 100 times to keep me believing that my dog’s eye would in fact be OK! The next morning, as if it were truly a miracle, I woke to my pup and her clear, brown eyes. The opaqueness had disappeared overnight, and her bright eyes were shining at me.

She is now eight months old. Her magickal recovery stunned the veterinarian, and even stunned me. I have bonded with this dog, and now finally see the love and joy in dog ownership. I greet other pups, keep a stash of doggy treats in my car glove box, and even occasionally splurge on a puppy day spa. I have a new understanding of the concept of “Strength” through the lessons and love that she has chosen to teach me.

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  2. believerbeliever

    Beautiful! Sounds like your little girl helped open your heart chakra. Thanks for sharing…always love a good animal story!!!


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