Paul the Octopus Honored With Memorial

Paul the Psychic Octopus, a regular feature on the California Psychics blog in his prime, passed away after a series of accurate World Cup predictions that shocked the world last year. Now remembered as perhaps one of the most enduring personalities of 2010, he has just been granted his own memorial at the Sea Life Aquarium in Olberhausen, Germany, where he lived and worked.

NPR reports:

World Cup prognosticators don’t get more famous than Paul the “psychic” octopus.

The undersea creature from Oberhausen, Germany, accurately predicted the winner in all seven games involving Germany at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He also called the winner in the title match between the Netherlands and eventual champion Spain. He died last October.

But his memory now lives on in the form of a six-foot plastic likeness clutching a giant soccer ball. Inside the ball sits a golden urn containing Paul’s ashes. The memorial was unveiled today at the Sea Life Aquarium, where Paul lived.

Pilgrimage, anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Paul the Octopus Honored With Memorial

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  2. Yas

    This is a proper honor for a Octopus that brought so much fame to Germany and was loved by soccer fans everywhere (including yours truly!). I will definitely stop by on my next visit!


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